My Alex

Alex is seven years old now and taking on all kinds of “bigger” boy activities. He is out there trying to “surf” with his big brother, he does the skim board — he’s not afraid to try new things. At home his new thing is going out front to play with all the boys in the neighborhood. He likes to play basketball with them and ride his bike. I get nervous that he’s out there without me, but we have a lot of kids down the street that he gets together with and our neighborhood is full of stay-at-home moms who poke their heads out the door often to check on all the kids. Alex just joined a homeschooling basketball clinic that he goes to on Thursday mornings. It’s a hour long and the mixture is boys/girls ages 7 to 14. There is usually about 15 kids there, and the older ones are paired up with the younger ones. Everyone plays so well together. Alex will be going to soccer camp in August and will start his regular soccer season in October. The above picture was taken at the beach the other day.


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