Our Backyard

Aislynn on her bike in our backyard.

Here’s Andrew wanting to get on the teeter-totter

Afton(11) and Andrew

Andrew walks around the cement path in our backyard. I designed the path so that it goes all around the perimeter of our yard so that the younger ones can ride their bikes, Razors, skateboards and rollerskates without having to be out in the front yard near the street!
Andrew was playing with Milo’s stuft animal…and then Milo came along to repo it. They played Tug ‘O War with it for about 8 seconds….and in the end, Milo ran off with it, and Andrew screamed in frustration. Milo is a BIG bully for such a small size dog. He’s SUPER fast, too. We can never catch him. He’s five months old and needs training badly…but do I have the time to train a dog? Not hardly.
We’ve been at this house now for 5 years and our backyard is STILL unfinished! That’s what happens when you have a husband who can do it all…but yet doesn’t have the time to do it. Hiring someone to do something that he can do himself (such as put in plants and trees, cement the side yard, etc) is something that Rich will not do. People will tell me, “Oh you are so lucky your husband is so handy” and while that might be true, there’s a downside to that as well. We have a house with about 10 unfinished projects!!! <>


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    Your backyard is so beautiful!! What a beautiful view! Is that fence made out of glass? That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! You wanna do a house swap sometime? You guys can come stay in the mountains and we can go to the beach! :)

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    I’d love to see your entire backyard? I’m looking for ideas and love the cement perimeter idea!!! How wide is it? Also, do you know about how big your yard is?

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