First Day of Middle School

Today is the first day of school. Audriana and Afton are the only two who are not homeschooling. They are going to our neighborhood middle school which is just a mile down the street. They were up early and ready to go this morning, and the morning went very smooth. They are in a carpool with our neighbors, which is new for them. Afton is a very prompt person and at 7:45am when the carpool hadn’t arrived yet, she was stressing out. They were supposed to get here at 7:45….they pulled up at 7:46. And she was all bent out of shape because they were late.

Afton is the Vice President of the school this year. They voted her VP last June.

Afton is in the 7th grade and Audriana is in the 8th grade.


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    They are so pretty! I hope they enjoy their first week of school.

    Oh, thanks for the pamphlets! They look great and I can’t wait to pass them out!

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