First Day of Preschool

Today was A.J.’s very first day of preschool. He was so excited he could hardly sleep the night before. He goes three days a week from 12:45-3:30, the same hours Avery went two years ago when she went to the very same school. What I love about the hours is that he is home with us all during the morning hours, so he sits in and is homeschooled with the other kids. Then, after lunch, he goes to preschool and gets to learn and play there as well. It’s just something for “him” right now. All the bigger kids have their sports and activities and all that. So it’s neat to see A.J. have something special in his day that’s just for him.

When it was time for me to leave, he didn’t even run to give me a kiss. He wouldn’t wave, either, which is not like him. I got a little worried that he was going to cry or something, he seemed a bit apprehensive when it was time to sit down with the class. It seemed like it just clicked in his head at that moment, “Hey…this is actually happening. I’m sitting here with a bunch of kids I don’t know, and my mom is leaving….” He just had a weird look on his face, but didn’t seem to mind that I was leaving.
After I dropped him off, I drove 30 minutes to help with Micah’s program. My midwife met me there so she could meet Micah and Micah’s mom and learn what it is we do with the program. I stayed about an hour and a half, and when I left, Su (my midwife) stayed on another 30 minutes visiting with Micah and Stephanie. She really enjoyed playing with Micah and getting to know him. She’s going to be a volunteer now, which is SO great. I’m really working on getting as many volunteers that I can for Stephanie. Su will be great. She loves babies.
When I came back to pick A.J. up for preschool, he RAN to me and wrapped his arms around my legs and I said, “How did it go, Bud?!!” and he said, “I had so much fun! Do I get to come here tomorrow?!!” and then as we walked to the car he told me ALL about his day, what he did, who he played with, all about the artwork they did in class…he just went on and on and on. Then when we got in the car and we buckled up, he sincerely said, “Mommy…thank you for taking me.” He’s so sweet sometimes. Out of all the kids, he says “thank you” the most. If we all go to the park, when we get into the car to leave for home it is always him who says, “Mommy..thank you for taking me to the park.” or the pool, or a friend’s house to play — anything. He always says thank you afterwards.


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    Awhhhh….how sweet!!! My son, Nathan, has that same shirt. He starts his first day of preschool on Monday. I hope he enjoys himself as much as A.J. did.

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