First Day of School

Andrew woke up early this morning when normally he sleeps in. I think he could sense that the day was different or something. I think he wanted a “first day of school” day, too. Here he is eating his breakfast.

Alex, Avery and Aislynn sit at our school table waiting to start their first day of school. I got up early to prepare the lessons, so we are all set to go!
Aislynn still has major “bed head” but she still looks very cute and eager to start her day. At only 2 and a half years old, she is very much aware of what we do at the homeschool table and wants to be a part of it.

I’m happy that we are starting school today and will get into a routine around here. The summer months are awesome, but the lack of a schedule sometimes makes it very unorganized around here. I think we all do better on a schedule!!


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    Yay! School in your pj’s, can’t beat that! I love the little school room you have set up and hope you guys enjoy the school year as much as we have been so far.

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