Happy Andrew

Andrew is one happy baby. Here he is with his Uncle Phil (Rich’s brother) and of course Andrew is naked again, just like always. This is right after his bath and he ran out of the room before I could put a diaper on him. It’s his little game after the bath. He knows that I’m going to put a diaper on him right after his bath, since it’s just routine to do so, so now as soon as I towel him dry he takes off running — out the bedroom door and into our hallway, just screeching down the hall in delight because he hears me behind him saying, “Oh… you come back here, you little poop! I’m going to get those buns!!” and he runs so fast, laughing. He’s so darn cute I just can’t stand it sometimes. It’s moments like that when my heart is too large for my body. I love him so much that sometimes it actually hurts. Sounds strange, but it’s true. There is no other love like the love for your children.

…and here he is on our backyard hammock! I put him on really quick and then took him off right away because he immediately started rocking it and it was about to flip him!

And here is my sweet boy leaning in for a kiss from his #1 fan — his mommy! I love his sweet smile, his kissable cheeks, his squeeky little voice, the smell of the top of his head, his soft curly- at- the- bottom hair (that I don’t want to cut, but it’s getting so long!) and I love that he loves me so much. Ahhhh….babies. They are the greatest.


  1. Kelly says

    Andrew is getting so big! His hair looks a lot lighter than the other kids’ hair at his age…

    I can’t wait to get him together with Jacob and Jason in November – so much fun! I still have the picture of him and Jacob from last Thanksgiving on my fridge – two little peas in a pod. :)


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