Day THREE of his black eye….. AJ got his first black eye. I say “first” because this is one rough and tumble kid. How did it happen? He was in our living room (where the homeschooling table and bookshelf are set up) and was spinning around and around (you know how kids do that to get dizzy) and I was in the kitchen doing some dishes, and I could hear him in there saying things like, “oh…I’m getting so dizzy…whoa….weeeee……oh my gosh I’m gonna tip over……” things like that, and I said, “AJ…you better stop before you get hurt” and so of course he didn’t stop, and then next thing I hear is him crying. Turns out Alex bumped into him during one of the dizziest times, and AJ lost his balance and fell into the bookshelf face first. So he came running to me, and he had a cut under his left eye. I put ice on it and made him lie down on the couch with ice for about 15 mintues. The bleeding stopped (it was a small cut) and then I noticed it starting to get black and blue. He went to bed shortly after that, and when he woke up in the morning his eye was very puffy and it was really black and blue!! Then the next day it was purple and had spread to the top of his eye as well. A full circle black eye. He had to go to preschool that day, and everyone commented on it. His preschool teacher thought I should take him to a doctor for it. I just smiled and said he would be fine. (really… what would a doctor be able to do for him?)
Here he is on day 3 of his black eye — the swelling had gone down a lot at this point, but it was a much darker color.

and here he is on day 2 of the black eye. This is what he looked like when he woke up that first morning.
And this is the night that it happened. It didn’t look too bad right at this point. Actually, at the time I thought it looked pretty bad, but it’s nothing compared to how it looked the next day and the day after that!!


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