New Car Seats!!!

We needed more 5-point harness car seats to fit in the Excursion. The Britax Regents, which I love, are too wide to fit three on the bench seat. So we bought 4 Sunshine Kids Radian80’s, which aren’t as wide. And they fit 3 on a bench! So today we fit each kid into their own seat and adjusted the straps for each one. Here is A.J. in his new seat!

Here is Aislynn in her pretty pink car seat! She was so excited to see a pink car seat.

And here is Avery in hers….

…and this last one is actually fitted for Alex. But of course he was in and out of it quickly because he wanted to go play. So no time for a photo of him. But of course Andrew — who loves getting his picture taken — was more than happy to sit in it and pose for the camera!


  1. says

    love the seats. Can I ask how tall from seat to top of the back they are? I have a tall 6 year old and wondering if one of these might be what we need.

    I’m glad they all fit in your car :)

  2. says

    Awesome..the kids look great in their new seats. The girls definitely look like little princesses in their Princess Radians. Oh how I wished the Radian worked in our van =( I am so jealous!

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