One Big Poopy Day

(so don’t read this post if you have a weak stomach or anything…it’s kinda gross)

Okay, so Andrew has a diaper rash. Don’t ask me how he got it. That boy must get at least 3 baths a day, as he gets washed usually after every poop he does (if Rich is home, because Rich is funny like that — wipes are simply not good enough as far as he is concerned) But even when Rich is not home, Andrew is always hopping in the bathtub with someone. Anyway, so he has this rash and for the past 2 days I’ve been letting him have his diaper off at certain times during the day. Well, now we are into the third day of the rash and overnight it got worse (it figures that I can’t find our rash cream. Normally he doesn’t even get rashes, but the ONE time I really need it, it’s missing. I must have left it behind somewhere.) So today I decided we are going to get rid of this rash today — NO diaper on all day. So, he had a bare butt all day long. Well…needless to say, we had a few “accidents” here and there. Two poops on the carpet and two poops in the wooden kitchen chair (he was standing on it both times.) The chair was no biggy to clean up, but the carpet required a bit of work! Out comes the Pine Sol and out comes the carpet machine. What a hassle. The good thing about Andrew is that when he poops without a diaper on, he stops in his tracks and just looks down. Then he will say, “Uh oh…Poo! Poo!” and he starts to whine. He won’t move until someone goes to get him. It’s like he’s disgusted with himself that he went. Or he doesn’t want to step in it. But he just stands there, which is good that he doesn’t ignore it and run around. If he did that, he would track it all over. So yes…today was a very messy day with Andrew poop. But the good news is that his rash really dried out today and I’m sure it’s going to be gone tomorrow. He’s sleeping without a diaper tonight. I’ll have to switch out the towels he’s sleeping on a few times tonight, but that’s okay. And Aislynn has been acting up lately and wanting to wear a diaper again. Ahhhh…you gotta love 3 year olds. During that transition from baby to little girl can be a challenge. So she kept telling me she had to go potty and that she wanted her diaper on. I said, “NO, Aisy…let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll help you go potty. No diaper.” So then she tells me NO, that she doesn’t have to go. And I would have insisted she at least try, but I was busy with Andrew’s poopy mess at the time, so I didn’t and off she went. Do you know what she did? She went upstairs to the changing table and found one of those Swimmy Diapers, put it on, and then POOPED in it!!!! She walked by me a few minutes later, and she smelled awful, and I said, “Aisy, did you poop?!!!!” and she just looked at me with that guilty face she wears when she knows she did something she wasn’t supposed to do. So I checked her pants and I was so surprised that she actually went upstairs and put on her own diaper just to poop in it. Ugh. At the end of the day, when Aisy and Andrew were finally down for the night….I went outside of the room and right there in the middle of the hallway guess what I see? A big pile of poop!!!! Oh my gosh, what IS it with this day??!!! But this poop was from the damn dog! I couldn’t believe it!! As if I didn’t get enough poop for today from the kids! And my pregnant self who already isn’t feeling good with this constant morning sickness was not about to clean up DOG poop. No way. Baby poop is one thing, but I simply cannot do DOG poop at this time. So I yelled for Tony, (who is a saint when it comes to things like this. He unplugs toilets and everything) and he cleaned up the mess for me, and disinfected it and everything.

So that’s the story of my Big Poopy Day. I hope I didn’t gross you out, but hey, this is motherhood, you know.


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    You poor thing…sounds like Poop-a-palooza over at your place. There is no way I could be pregnant and cleaning up all that poop. My nose is just too sensitive as is and with the increased sensitivity and morning sickness there is now way I could be cleaning all that up. You are definitely SUPER MOM (of the year, might I add)!!!

    **tip to help with rash if you use disposable diapers and don’t want to go naked. Get some cheap microfleece fabric from the fabric stores and cut it into strips to line your diapers. It will wick the moisture away into the diaper, create a barrier, and keep their bum dry at the same time. You can either toss or wash and reuse. My Maddie is allergic to sposies so that’s what we do when we have to use them.

    Here’s to hoping today is less eventful for you. Have a super day, super mom!

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    Oh boy, I have so had days like that before – dog poop and all. Not fun, especially when you are preggo!! I’m glad Tony was there to help out – I usually leave the dog poo for Kevin. I can deal with baby poo but dog poo is just too much!

  3. says

    That was a poop bonanza! You poor thing!

    I user bourdeaux’s butt paste on Logan every night – never had a diaper rash since, not that he really ever did have any, but I think that stuff is magic!

  4. Kelly says

    How funny I just read this – less than an hour ago I had to clean Jacob’s poop off the carpet! I never really let him go around without a diaper on, but he was saying he wanted to go in the potty (and he has been peeing in the toilet at his preschool). I had him sit on the pot a couple times, and he actually peed a bit. So – and here is my mistake – I asked him to tell me if he had to go potty again, and then he would get a candy. Not long after, I brought him upstairs to take a nap, and when I went to put a diaper on him I noticed some poo residue on his butt. I asked him if he had pooped, but he just looked at me while drinking his bottle. I go downstairs and, yep, see the pile of poop by the couch. Ugh. What do you do, eh? :)

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