Ultrasound Results…..

Today I had my ultrasound!! Avery and Aislynn went with me. They were so excited to “find out” what we were having. They were hoping for a baby sister. Anyway, the baby was very active during the ultrasound. The measurements pushed my due date up by 4 days, so now the baby is due on July 24th. That was Afton’s due date! The heart looked strong and healthy, the brain looked perfectly formed, the baby has all ten fingers and toes. Everything looked GREAT. So then I asked to see what the baby was…so the tech scanned that area for a few minutes so I could check “it” out. I was expecting a BOY. I’ve just felt it was a boy from the very beginning. The chinese calendar confirmed my thoughts, and the silly old string test… and so, I was expecting to see boy parts…but there were none to be seen! Just flat, girl parts!! So….we are having another GIRL !!!!! Avery and Aislynn were so excited. Avery said, “Mom…we can still name the baby Aiden. Just it will be a girl’s name Aiden.” I thought that was cute of her to say. I told her, “No…we won’t be having a girl Aiden. We’ll just have to find a girl name that fits her.”

So anyway….I’m very excited. I must admit I walked out of there in a bit of a cloud. For months I had been calling the baby “he” and all of a sudden I had to switch my frame of mind! So funny. And here just yesterday I went on a major shopping spree for new maternity clothes. I hit all my favorite stores…Pea In a Pod, Baby Style, MiMi Maternity — and while I was in Baby Style I saw the cutest baby girl outfit that matched one of the post-baby maternity outfits…and I thought, Wow…that’s so cute!! Too bad I can’t buy it — since this baby is a boy. But now I’m thinking I’m going back there tomorrow to get it!! Woo-Hoo, a baby girl !!

So another little girl for the Roldan household. That makes FIVE girls and FOUR boys. Rich said, “No worries. We can always even it up the next time.”

The NEXT time??!! Oh my goodness…..



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    Yeah – another girl! I am hoping desperately my little one is going to be a girl, but like you, everything says boy to me. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised at the end.

    The next time!?!?!?! Good Lord!

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