Quiet House….

Funny how when a few of the kids are not here…it changes the entire dynamics of the house. Tony and Avery are away for the weekend, and Afton is spending the night at a friend’s house. So all I have left are Audriana, Alex, A.J., Aislynn and Andrew. Audriana and Afton are always bickering…so without Afton here, we have none of that.(which is a nice relief..but…different) Tony is always playing with Alex and A.J. and entertaining them, so with him gone the two younger boys are more mellow. And Avery is usually playing with Aislynn, so without her here Aislynn is my constant companion and sidekick. I’m just used to a certain amount of kids in this house…and without them all, it feels strange.

Memorial weekend…not doing anything for this weekend this year. Rich is busy painting the exterior of a house he bidded on. I’m glad he got the job, because overtimes have shut down a bit, and we need the extra money. Which actually isn’t “extra” at all, if you need it, right?

So I’ve been busy trying to plan out our Cancun trip for October. I earned one room for a 5 night stay with Arbonne (Yay!!) but get this — the hotel only allows for 4 people in a room! So I need to purchase 2 extra rooms for our family! Okay…so the trip won’t exactly be FREE. It would be if only Rich and I and two kids were going…but I want to take the entire family. So…that means we need to purchase 2 extra rooms plus 11 plane tickets to get there! And non-stop is SO much more expensive than a flight that has connections. But can you just see us making connecting flights with 9 children in tow? Ah….no thanks. I’ll spend the extra $1200 for non-stop. Anyway, planning this trip and getting the best price has been quite a chore. And now…I need to work on getting all of us passports!! Oh yes, that will be fun, too. When the baby is born, I will only have 2 months to get her passport. That will be a little stressful, as I heard it can take a while to get them processed. I’ll just do all ours before then, and hopefully I can put a rush on hers. And…guess what? It’s hurricane season in Cancun during October. So yea, that’s on my mind, too. What are the chances one will hit while we are there? or just before we get there? Hmmmm….so that’s another added expense to get trip insurance…which Rich is against. But I’m thinking we should…just in case. If all goes well, it will be a GREAT vacation. It’s an all-inclusive hotel, and it’s so pretty!! The hotel looks so nice. Here’s a link: (if you can’t click on it, just copy and paste it into your browser)



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    How funny that to you, having 5 kids is a quite house! Perspective really is everything. I was just telling Kevin how I can’t imagine only having 1 or 2 kids, it would be so boring, lol.

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    oops I meant “quiet” not “quite” house.

    Have fun in Cancun!! The beach in Mexico is my all time favorite place! There is nothing better than sitting on the beach drinking a Margarita and eating authentic Mexican food!

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    i can’t imagine how loud your house is when everyone is home. i am anal about loud. i have to have everything low, even the tv. the kids always want to turn it up and i say “nope, if you’d be quiet you’d be able to hear it.”

    i bet your house is fun though!!

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