Two more months and counting….

I have only two more months until Aria is born. My belly is so huge, you’d think I’m due right now! (the above pictures were taken a few weeks ago — believe me, I’m bigger now!) And she’s such a STRONG baby! Her kicks seriously make me look down to see if she’s punched through the skin. I half expect to see a little foot sticking out of my belly at times. And she’s always moving around, stretching out in there. She must be a long baby…because when she stretches, my belly goes in two different directions and looks really funny! I’m looking forward to meeting this little one. Andrew always pats my belly and says, “Baby?” and then he will lift up my shirt to see the skin of my belly and will ask again, “Baby?” He’s so cute. The younger kids are very impatient and always ask me WHEN is that baby coming out??!!!! Two months is a lifetime to them — they want her out NOW. It’s so funny how kids can be like that. Me? Well…I can wait the two months. I’m enjoying being pregnant, as always…and am in no rush to have this baby. I mean, sure, I’m looking forward to meeting her and having a newborn and all that. But at the same time, having a baby rolling around in my belly is just a wonderful feeling that I know I’m going to miss one day. So I’m in no hurry to be finished with this pregnancy. (well…talk to me when I’m 5 or 6 days overdue, and I’ll probably have something totally different to say!!) I have not weighed myself one time since conceiving this baby — not once have I gotton on a scale. I just don’t really care how much I weigh. I’m healthy. I’m a good size. The only thing BIG on me is my belly. So why do I need to know how much I weigh? The baby obviously is growing. My belly is measuing exactly 31 weeks, which is good. So what’s the deal with the weight thing, anyway? I know it’s up there, as I always gain a lot of weight with my pregnancies. But it comes off pretty quickly once the baby is born, so really, who cares how much I weigh while I’m expecting. I swear, having a midwife instead of going to a regular OB office is like night and day. This will be my third midwife home delivery/ waterbirth. If I had known how nice and casual and relaxing it was, I would have had them ALL this way. And I love that I can deliver my own baby, or have Rich do it — our choice — and that there aren’t machines beeping and monitors going off, and my arm isn’t hooked up to IV’s and no one is poking me to see “how far I’ve dilated” every half hour or so, and no one is counting 1,2,3,4,… all the way up to ten to tell me how long I should be pushing. (what is that about, anyway? You push when you feel the urge to, and when the urge goes away, you stop!) It’s just night and day from the hospital. I know it’s not for everyone, but from a person who has experienced both, let me tell you…homebirth is really a GREAT option for those who have relatively uncomplicated pregnancies and births.


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    You look great! Seeing you makes me miss being pregnant already!!

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the natural birthing versus hospital birth – like night and day. I had my first 2 in the hospital with the full range of interventions (IV, pitocin, dr. broke my water, etc.) and then 2 naturally in the water (one at home and one at a birthing center) and it was 100000x’s nicer having them without any interventions. Kaleb would most likely have ended up as a C-section if I had been in the hospital.

    My absolute best birth by far was my home water birth, being in the comfort of your own home is so wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful birth!!

  2. Andrea says

    I am really really wanting to try a midwife and give birth at home or a birthing center, with our next baby, but I think I am too scared. Both times my boys got stuck and had to be turned to come out so I am afraid that will happen again. Any advice? I’m not even pregnant yet, lol, but would love to avoid the hospital next time!

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    You look great!!! The hospital I gave birth to Logan has both options – medical and natural and he was delivered by a mid-wife. I am hoping for the same this time, but they are down on mid-wives so if I deliver outside of Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm, I get an OB which sucks!

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