Going through my files…found this school paper Audriana did a few years back. I didn’t edit it but instead left it as she turned it in. One of her biggest struggles is spelling. And she seldom takes the time to proofread her papers. She is now 15 and now I can see how much she has improved with her writing and spelling. Seeing this paper shows me her progress, and also touches my heart to hear her words as she describes a season in her life:

by Audriana
age 12

I was four years old when i could of died from my car asident. never really new what happened, i just herd storys from my mom or my dad. its a merical that im here.
i just have a foe injurys but nothing bad.

My family and i were coming home from the snow one day when a car was going to fast on the road and slid into our car. it hit into the left sid of our car where i was siting and smashed right into me. My mom looked bach to see if me and my brother tony were ok. She saw that tony got glas in his eyes and then she saw that i wasnt breathing. my dad quickly got out of the car and started doing cpr on me. my mom quickly called 911 for them to come get me.

i had to be in coma for two weaks. the doctors had to shave my hair off because they had to do serjury to my brain. i had to start doing everything all over again. my mom helped me do almost everything. the most help i got from her was trying to walk. each day we had to walk up and down these stars in the hospital. she also helped me to talk and the frist word i said was i love you.

now i can walk and talk because of the help of my mom. i have lots of friends in cheer in school and in girlscouts. i cant believe that i made it in cheer. this is my secent time in cheer. i have lots of brothers and sisters and we all start with a. i think i am the luckyest person on earth.

(No, baby girl.  I’m the luckiest person on Earth.  Because God left you here with me instead of taking you to Heaven on that day.  It’s me who is lucky.  And so, so thankful!)


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