“I am”

“I AM”
by Afton
age 10
(September 2006)

I am Funny and Creative
I wonder what I will be when I grow up
I hear the Pitter Patters of the rain hitting against my roof
I see the sun setting across the mountains
I am Funny and Creative
I pretend that my cat understands what I’m saying
I feel cheerful when I play with my little sister
I touch the soft little toes of my baby brother
I worry about my dad when he is out fighting a fire
I cry when I feel like I have too much pressure
I am Funny and Creative
I understand that my family loves me
I say “Believe in your dreams and never give up”
I dream I will get a scholarship to a good college
I try to be friendly and understanding to everyone
I hope to go to USC for college
I am Funny and Creative.


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