Measuring BIG

Well…I’m now 34 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had my midwife appointment. She comes to my house, which is so convenient for me. She’ll start coming every two weeks now. Anyway, I measured 36 weeks instead of 34 weeks. I knew this was a big baby. I doubt my due date is off, but you never know. Perhaps she will come early? I’m usually late, so that will be a switch. My due date is July 28th and I was hoping to go into August, because we have two birthdays already in July, and none in August. Plus, how cool to be born in the 8th month in the 8th year? And if I can hold her in until the 8th day…what a cool birthday that would be — 08-08-08 — but I sincerely doubt I will be 10 days late with this baby. The latest I’ve ever been was with my last baby, Andrew, who was 8 days late. So being 10 days late would be really far-fetched. Oh well.

I bought the DVD “The Business of Being Born” and I really enjoyed it. Has anyone seen it? Since I’m a homebirther, I can totally relate to the topic and I agree with it all. I really think, though, that all women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in the future should watch this, whether or not they are planning a home birth or a hospital birth. It just opens up your eyes a bit to how birth has been turned into such a medical event over the past 50 years.

This Friday I am getting away by myself for a girls’ scrapbooking 3-day retreat. Yay, I’m so excited to go! I’ve collected all my photos together and have decided to devote the weekend to the year 2006. I have all my photos from January 2006 to December 2006 all ready to go. I should come home with a completed book. I’m looking forward to all my meals being cooked for me, to the peace and quiet of the retreat house, to being pampered with facials and massages. I go to this awesome place in Apple Valley. The woman had this huge house designed just for scrapbookers, and she cooks 3 wonderful meals a day for us plus serves us drinks all day long, and desserts. There’s a comfortable tv room if you want to watch tv (I never do, though…too busy with my photos!) and you can go rest in your bedroom if you want, take naps — she even has a really nice pool in the backyard. I’m sooo looking forward to it. I’ve been going to this place since 1999 when I was pregnant with Alex. Christine, the woman who puts this on, always sees me pregnant, because I don’t go the year after having a baby because I breastfeed for the year and won’t leave the baby, and by the time the next retreat rolls around I’m usually pregnant again. So this is the 6th pregnancy Christine has seen me in. I forgot to tell her I was expecting this time around, so I know when she sees me she’s just going to laugh and say, “Again??!!!”

Yep. Again. Soon I’ll have six children under the age of 9. How cool is that? And then of course three others who are ages 13, 15, and 17. Our house is getting small. Well, our family is getting big…I guess the house isn’t shrinking any. It stays the same, and we grow. I wish we could get into a bigger house, but there’s just no way with this market. It’s a great time to buy — but a lousy time to sell. And if we were going to get into anything bigger, we’d need to get all we can out of this house, which just wouldn’t happen in this market. Oh well.


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    ha ha, how funny that she sees you preggo all the time. can’t wait to see pics (wait, will you take pics?)

    08-08-08 would be cool!

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