Monterey, CA

Rich just called and he and his crew just got sent to Monterey, CA…some seven hours away, to fight a brush fire. Darn!! Not only do I worry for his safety …but now he’ll be gone for who knows how many days. Bummer! So now not only will I be thinking and worrying about Audriana who is in New York for the next four days, but I’ll also be worrying about my husband who will be in dangerous brush area fighting a fire. Well….I guess it could be worse. It could be time to have this baby and I’d worry he wouldn’t be here for the birth. Luckily my due date is some 5 weeks away. He *should be back by then, lol!! Only ONE good thing comes from being sent on a brush fire for days — all days are overtimes! So yea, that’s good money :) But still…if I had my choice, he’d be home here safe with us.


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