Random Pics

Andrew smiling his sweet smile.
Aria on the changing table
Alex holding his littlest sister.

Oh…this morning was a mess. I gave Andrew his oatmeal and then went upstairs to change Aria. When I came down, this is what I found. Do you realize oatmeal hardens to cement if you don’t get to it right away? Well, I couldn’t clean him up right away because Aria was very fussy and I had to hold her. Both Avery and Alex said “No Way” when I asked them to try to clean him up. So there he sat, for about 30 minutes…in all that yuck. I don’t think he minded too much. But then it was SO hard getting all the oatmeal out of his hair. What a mess! It wasn’t one of my better mornings….but….just check out that smile. Could you have stayed angry with that face smiling at you?


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    Haha, I love the oatmeal mess! What a cutie pie – there is no way I could stay mad at that adorable smiley face either!

    Aria is so beautiful!! I hadn’t really seen any “awake” pics of her yet. You have such beautiful children!

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