Well, I’ve been known to be a bit behind in technology. Here’s some examples: I was one of the last people on earth to get on the internet. I bought music “tapes” even when CD’s came out…and didn’t buy a CD until they stopped making tapes and I was forced to. I STILL don’t have an iPod and have no idea how to download music onto one, even if I did have one. I have a digital camera but still prefer my 35mm camera — I just delvelop my film and then have a disc made. And TiVo? have no idea how to use that. We don’t have TiVo. One other thing I resisted for so long was shopping on the internet. I have only recently begun to do so, I’d say about three years ago was the first time I bought something online. Crazy, huh? And paying my bills…I insist on writing out a check each time, putting a stamp on it and putting it out in the mailbox. No paying online for me. But now…I’ve discovered that through my bank I can issue checks and they will be mailed out for me. All I need to do is go online and log into my checking account, enter the payee’s name and information, the amount I want to send…and press send…and then that amount is made out into a check for that person and mailed right to them. It can be to a person or to a company. Okay I know you all are laughing and saying, “Well…Duh! Where have you been living? under a rock? We’ve been doing this for years…” but I really never knew you could do that through your bank. The only reason I know this is because last weekend my mom was visiting and I owed her $16 because she bought something for me at the store, and so she said to just send her a check through my bank, and I was like, “What??” and so she showed me how. Okay…stop laughing now. I’m sure there’s something — something — out there in tehcnology that you haven’t used yet or are resisting for any reason. (( right? please tell me I’m not the only caveman out there!))


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    well i’m glad you have figured out how to bank online because yes, we’ve been doing it for years and we never have to buy new checks, or stamps, or envelopes. it’s great!

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    Haha, yeah I was behind the curve on the whole Ipod thing. I took photography in high school and loved it, there is just something so cool about working in a dark room developing pictures. Digital cameras are awesome and make it so much easier but it feels like something special was lost with the death of film. Video killed the radio star :)

    I also held onto the hope that DVDs were just a fad and kept using VHS until they literally didn’t make them anymore and I was forced to get DVDs.

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