Benefits of older siblings

During our home schooling days, Avery will read to Aria when I’m working on a lesson with Alex, and then Alex will read to her when I’m working with Avery. I love this system for 3 reasons: 1) it gives me one-on-one time with each of them 2) it gives Aria an introduction to books and reading, and 3) it gives the older kids confidence in reading.

Even A.J. and Aislynn, who both cannot read yet, will “read” to Aria with picture books. In fact, two-year-old Andrew’s favorite book right now is Snow White. That has been read to him so manyt times that he can flip through the pages and tell the story himself, doing the “voices” and everything. It’s so cute to see him doing this while sitting next to Aria.

One lucky girl — it’s nice being the youngest of nine!


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    How sweet! Aria is getting so big and cuter every time I see her!! She is absolutely precious!

    I know what you mean, Katie keeps Kobe so entertained and reads to him all the time. Even little Kobe will get on the floor with Kaleb and play with him and keep him happy. I honestly think it’s harder to just have one baby than it is to have a baby with older siblings in the house.

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