Okay…so I’m done with New Moon (the second of the Twilight series, for those of you who don’t recognize the title) and I’m all searching the house for the third book. After a while, I asked Audriana where she thought the book might be.

“Well….” she says
“Well what?” I say
“I sorta lent it out.”
“You lent it out! To who?!!”
“To my friend Brooke”
“OH MY GOSH! Now what am I supposed to do??! Audriana! How could you do that!!”
“I know, mom — I’m sorry. But I gave it to her back before you even started reading Twilight. I thought she’d be finished by now.”

Grrrrr…. I’m so upset!!

I know, I sound totally lame, but seriously…. to be just cut off like that!

I’m dying!

Her friend is just in the beginning of book, too. Apparently she’s had it for a while now but is a rather slow reader. Ugh.

So should I demand she get the book back from her friend ASAP no matter if she’s finished with it or not???

I bought the books — ME — they are mine. I bought them so that me and the girls could read them.

But Audriana doesn’t want to make her friend upset or mad or hurt her feelings by asking for the book back.

Does anyone have a copy of the third book that I can borrow!!!?


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