Lesson Learned

Would everyone agree that I am a good mom, a careful mom? For those of you who know me, I think this is what your opinion of me would be.
Well…let me tell you a mistake I made yesterday. But PLEASE do not judge! It could have happened to you:)
Okay, so here’s the story:
Aria (6 months) hadn’t been sleeping all day. She’s just at that age where she wants ME to sleep next to her. So the moment she feels me slide away, she wakes up. When I try to transfer her into her crib, she wakes up. So it had been one of those days, and on our way home from picking up the girls from school, she fell into a sound sleep in her carseat. So we all got out of the car, and I placed her carseat on top of the dryer in our laundry room so that the vibration would keep her sleeping.
Now I’m going to stop right here and ask for a show of hands — how many of you out there have done the same thing??? Am I the only one? For years now — and um, that would be 17 almost 18 years of having babies around — I have been putting the infant seat on the dryer when baby is sleeping because they just sleep SO GOOD that way.  They love the vibration.
Okay, so back to the story.
I put her up there, and then shut the laundry room door, and continue with my mom stuff around the house. I put Andrew in his crib for a nap…. I am starting to hear peace in the house…all is good.
Then about 10 – 15 minutes later, Avery comes to me and is holding Aria in her arms.
“Oh…she woke up?” I say,a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to the break. It’s not unusual for Avery or Alex to get Aria out of her crib or carseat when she has woken up, so I don’t think much of it.
“Mom!” Avery says, “Aria was up on the washing machine!”
“I know, Honey. I put her up there.”
“You did? Mom, that’s dangerous!”
“No… she was sleeping. She was safe.”
Now Avery is truly angry at me. She says, “Mom! That is NOT safe. She could have fallen!”
I’m confused now. I say, “She was buckled in. She was safe. What are you talking about?”
“Mom! I heard her making noise in the laundry room, so I went in there, and she was crawling around on top of the washing machine!”
So I go to the laundry room, and sure enough, there is her seat and it is tipped forward. The edge of the seat is caught in the groove between the washer and dryer. It’s pitched forward.
Now, I know for a FACT that she was buckled into her seat.
Andrew was asleep in his crib.
Who is next in line as far as maturity goes…..
I yell, “Aislynn! Aislynn, come here right now!” (the 4 year old)
She comes out of her room.
“Aislynn, “ I say, “Did you go into the laundry room and unbuckle the baby?”
She doesn’t answer.
“The truth, Aisy…”
“OH MY GOSH !! Why did you DO that!”
Oh, I was so mad. She explained that she “didn’t know” of course. But she went in there, climbed up and unbuckled Aria. Aria was still sleeping, so she just climbed back down and went on her merry way. Meanwhile, Aria’s seat was tipped forward and she was not buckled in. So when she woke up not too long after that, she just climbed right out, and was exploring the tops of the washer and dryer, crawling around and cooing to herself, which is what Avery heard. Avery went in the laundry room and grabbed Aria off the top of the washer and brought her to me.
And that’s the story.
Am I seriously LUCKY??
You bet.
Will I be doing that again?
All these years I suppose I just never had an Aislynn who would think of unbuckling a sleeping baby from her infant seat while on top of the dryer.
Lesson Learned.


  1. says

    Want my admission from last night? I put Taran in his bouncer/rocker seat and didn’t buckle it up (haven’t done so but for a couple of times). I was in the same room but I was intent on my new camera as I wanted to take some shots of Taran in the bath he was about to get. I hear a thud and a cry – he had sat up, reached over the side and fallen out onto the tile floor.

    Thankfully it is a VERY short fall and he was OK….but my lesson learned too!

    Thankfully we just got wake-up calls and our babies are OK.

    Have you stopped shaking from the shock and adrenalin rush yet?


  2. says

    oh my gosh, i bet your heart was beating soooo fast! i’m so sorry!

    girl, we’ve all been there and done that at some time or another.

    i locked my kids in the car the other day to run in and get a prescription. i took the keys and locked them in but still, that’s dangerous. the car could’ve blown up or something. or someone could’ve broken in and stole my kids!

    i felt guilty and was in such a hurry. of course something was wrong with my insurance company so they had to call them and get some more information. i was panicky the whole time.

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    Oh my gosh, how scary! I’m so glad she didn’t fall. It happens to all of us, especially with other little ones running around in the house that can unbuckle buckles! One time Kobe fell out of his swing when he was a baby because I forgot to buckle him in, I felt SOOO bad!

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    I think every mom has had incidents like this, whether they will admit it or not. None of us are perfect.

    When our youngest daughter was only a month old, I had her sitting on the ground in her car seat unbuckled. When I picked up the seat, the handle was not engaged and she fell out, onto her face. I felt so unbelievably terrible about it. From that point on, I always made sure the handle was engaged before picking up her car seat.

  5. says

    When my 2nd child was about 7 months old or so, I had her in her infant seat on the dining room table. I did that all the time because that was the best place to feed her. She was just getting to that age where she’d arch her back and squirm out of her seat…I left her for a moment and she wiggled out of her seat and fell off of the dining room table onto our hardwood floor. I felt sick for days after that.
    No, you are not a bad mom…those things happen. You are definitely lucky though. You can never be too safe with other little ones around. A friend of mine had her daughter wrap her son up in blankets and place him face down on the bed…when she went in her son was blue. Thankfully he was fine, but if she hadn’t gone in when she did, it could have been tragic. Praise God for His protection over our children.

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