Where Have I Been?

Well, for those of you who follow my blog…you’re probably wondering WHY I don’t blog much lately. The truth is that my computer has a virus and here is what happens: windows pop up all the time telling me I have a corrupt files and all that, and I have to exit all the pop up windows before I can get anything done. Then after 3 minutes the computer goes “beep!” and the screen turns blue with all this writing on it. Then it turns to a black Windows screen and holds like that for about 48 seconds. Then it beeps again, and I’m back to the thing I was working on before. This happens, seriously, every 3 minutes. So, as I type this…I will be interupted every 3 minutes to go through that entire process. What a PAIN!! And the computer usually locks up during this time, too…and I’ll have to turn off the computer. Then, to get it on again — well, that could take up to 5 minutes. I have to turn it on, turn it off, turn it on…wait…oh, that didn’t work so I turn if off again and try it once more until I can get back on and I hear that “Welcome…you’ve got mail” and then sometimes, even after I hear that and I think I’m home free — it locks up right away again.

I tell you, it’s been fun having to deal with this.


Audriana and Afton now have their own rooms, after sharing together since Afton was born. At age 16 and 13, it was time to split them up. Good news for them, bad news for me… because Audriana is now in what used to be my office. Do you know where my office is right now? All over the house. It’s a mess, and I’m totally unorganized. I hate it. But, good news! Our back casita house is being converted into my office. We just finished putting in wood floors and transferring all the cabinets back there, so it should be nice once it’s done. But bad news — Rich is finishing up the rest of it……so……who knows when it will actually be completed. I have the feeling I’ll be scattered throughout the house for a while yet. ::::sigh::::

Aria is crawling on hands and knees! She started crawling just before she turned 6 months old. She’s the cutest little thing, crawling all over the house. She is a very smiley baby — everytime she sees me she breaks out in this huge smile, which just melts my heart big time.

Audriana had her big Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash on her birthday (January 31) — we rented out our community club house and she invited about 27 of her friends, plus we had family there, too. We hired a DJ to play and the kids danced all night. Audriana requested that everyone get dressed “Hollywood Style” and so all her friends had on fancy dresses, and the guys were dressed up, too. I’ll have to post pictures of that party later, because I used film of course…so I need to put the photos on a disk..

We were stressing a bit last week because both our rentals were vacant — we were going to have to cover the mortgages ourselves and that would have been a huge bummer for us — but luckily, they rented just a few days ago! Yea! We have never had both tennants move out in the same month before…so it was a bit stressful. Anyway, all is good now.

We are refinancinig and dropping a point on our main house mortgage — very cool, lowers our payment about $300-something a month! It’s such a pain to do a refi, though… getting all the forms faxed over and paycheck stubs and insurance papers and all that. I always procrastinate big time getting all that stuff together. What I love about doing a refi is that you can skip your mortgage payment a few months until it’s all finalized. Yes, I know it’s all the same because it’s incurred in the new loan… but still…I just enjoy that little break of not having to pay out the mortgage for a couple months :)

Okay, so we have a teen driver in the family! Tony got his permit a couple weeks ago. Yikes!! But since he lives over in Temecula now and we see him only on weekends, he hasn’t driven with me yet. I’m thinking he can just practice with his parents over there until he gets really good, and THEN he can drive with me:) They can get all the gray hairs…. ha ha! They say he’s doing really well, but tends to hug to the right a bit, and looks at oncoming cars too much. Well, he’ll get the hang of it soon enough. We all do, eventually.

Avery and Aislynn have been busy making lemonade and orange juice lately. Avery got a little citrus juicer for Christmas, and my mom has been giving us tons of oranges and lemons from her backyard trees…. so the girls will juice them and then we freeze the juice (because there’s too much to drink all at once) And we have had fresh lemonade for about a week now, and orange juice, too! I like it! Except wow, do you need to add a lot of sugar to the lemonade!!

A.J. started baseball, and this is his second year. He doesn’t have to hit off a Tee anymore. This year it’s “coach pitch” for him, which is better because he’s much better at hitting when he is pitched to. The T-thing always threw him off. Anyway, he had his first practice last Saturday and he cracked that ball WAY over everyone’s head, way out into the outfield. A.J. has always had supreme hand-eye coordination, and we were just waiting to see which sport he took to. I think baseball just might be it…? We’ll see. The kid’s only 5, afterall. Well, he will turn 6 in March. Hey, he lost his first tooth yesterday at school and they sent it home in a little baggie with a, “I lost my tooth in school” sticker on it, which I thought was pretty cool. He put it under his pillow and this morning showed us the two dollars that the Tooth Fairy left him.

The Tooth Fairy always leaves us $2 per tooth around here… what does she leave your family? It’s been $2 ever since Tony lost his first tooth. You’d think the Tooth Fairy had never heard of inflation before! Sheesh!

Well, Aria woke from her nap and is crying…so I better go. I’ll post updated photos soon.

Okay, my computer glitched 14 times since I started this blog entry. Would YOU put up with it for as long as I have??? I bet you would have gotton it fixed by now, huh? Well not me…but it’s on the list…….


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    Tony lives with his parents….aren’t you guys his parents? I missed something there!

    Nice to read all the updates! Taran is nowhere near crawling yet! I think he may just skip it entirely and walk instead.

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