10 months old today

Today is the 26th, so that’s another full month for Aria. She’s now 10 months old. This year is totally flying by, I can’t believe it.

Here is what she’s been up to:

Waving hello and good-bye

She says “Hi” when you walk into the room.

She holds an object to her ear and says, “Hi” as if she were on the phone.

She will grab one of her brother’s Tonka Trucks and run it back and forth, making the “Vrooom vrooom” sound.

When you try to take something from her, she grunts “Neh!!” at you and shakes her head back and forth, and holds onto said object as if her life depended on it.

She will see me from across the room, smile this HUGE smile, and then puts her head down and crawls as fast as she can to get to me.

She can stand without holding onto anything for about 40 seconds, then carefully lowers herself into a squat…and then stands up again! So cute.

She gets into all the kitchen drawers and pulls things out. All the hand towels and wash clothes, all the plastic cups. She makes a mess everyday and we just put it all away at least 25 times a day. I don’t put locks on those drawers nor do I empty them so that there’s nothing to get into — why take her fun away?

She will grab a stuffed bear or a doll, put it on her shoulder and say, “Ahhhhh….” while patting it on the back.

And my favorite thing that she does lately…. when I pick her up, she will put her head on my right shoulder and pat my back while saying, “Ahhhhhh….” as if to comfort me. So darn cute. She does comfort me, actually. My little sweetheart.

Crazy nic-names that I call her throughout our day:

Soupy Su

Then I will sing:

Soupy Soupy Su
I need you.
We got some work to do now.

(sing to the tune of the Scooby-Do theme song)

Soupy Soupy Su
I love you
You are my baby girl, now

She cracks up laughing when pick her up, swing her around and sing this song. The kids think I’m crazy but I don’t care.

And then when she has a poopie diaper, I sing:

Soupy’s got a poo-pee! Soupy’s got a poo-pee!
Soupy Guadalupe! Soupy’s got a poo-pee!

to the tune of the Conga line march.

Yea, I should be committed, right? Just a little off my rocker, you say? Yea, well whatever. It makes her smile and laugh, which makes me smile and laugh.

It’s all good.


  1. says

    I found your blog via another blog. My youngest turned 10 mts old on the 29th. Wow…your little one is doing SO much. I love when they start to do those little “baby” things..it is so delightful..
    Mine is in the same bednight routine,,needing to be near Mama to sleep.
    What a beautiful family! I have 5 and hope to have more. Your family is such an inspiration:)

  2. says

    oh my gosh i can’t belive how big she is!! what a cutie!

    i too have crazy nicknames for M but I’ve never put them to song! i’ll have to try that! 😉

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