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Okay so you all know that Rich says “sleep is for people who got nothing to do” — I’m beginning to believe he’s right. I have to stay up way past 10pm just to get the routine things done around here: laundry, dishes, paying bills, laundry, laundry, laundry.

I simply cannot get anything done during the day except kids. Kids just rule the house. I’m totally outnumbered here! Ahhhhhh!

Okay, I’m kidding.

(Well, not really. But still.)

Okay for the past few days I have been in a funk. Just this sadness in my heart for no personal reason of my own. I just keep thinking about little Maddie Spohr, that little angel. I just feel so bad for her mommy and daddy who miss her so much. It’s simply not fair! Not fair at all. Seventeen months is not nearly enough time. My heart breaks for them. I look at my 9 month old Aria and I think that her and Maddie could have been friends one day. I would have liked that. Maddie was such the character! Just watching her home videos you can see that. She had such personality, and such a comedic side to her.

:::: sigh ::::

I think if I had one request to make to God it would be that no child should ever die before his/her parents. That should be a rule, don’t you think? We could agree to keep His 10 Commandments, and in return we could have one Commandment that He had to keep: no child dies before his/her parents.

What do you think? Wouldn’t that be a good Commandment for God to keep? I think so.

Where’s the “Leave a Suggestion” box when you need it, huh?

Anyway. Enough said about that.

In other news……………..

Aria is clapping her hands, and shakes her head back and forth and says “No!” while she does it, but it sorta comes out as “Nuh!” but we all know what she means. She is able to get into a standing position and stand without holding anything for about 30 seconds. Then she squats to lower herself down to the ground. So cute!

A.J. just lost his first upper tooth!

Aislynn went to her first birthday party — her friend Emery turned 5!

Anthony has a job interview tomorrow with Lowe’s Hardware. Let’s hope he gets this job because he really needs to start earning his own money! The time for mooch’n money from his parents is far gone. Get to work!

Afton is in New York with my mom! I miss her! But she’s having a blast.

Audriana has been helping me out a lot around here lately – she’s amazing! One bad thing to report: she got detention for the first time last week. Seems as though she’s been tardy to some classes due to talking in the halls with her friends up until the bell rings. Yep, waiting until the last minute. Been there, done that in high school. I know. Anyway, she begged me to use her limp as an excuse and get her off the hook –but I said a big HA! to that. Um…no way, missy. You can’t pull the old limp-due-to-brain-injury card on that one. She was mortified to have to sit in detention with all the Juvinile Delinquents. She hasn’t been late to class since.

Alex has been out in the neighborhood a lot lately playing with a lot of his friends after they get out of school. They play all kinds of outdoor things, like basketball and adventure-type play, which I totally love because with all the computers and GameBoys and DS games and all that it’s easy to just sit inside and get sucked into those games. I’d rather he be outside playing.

Andrew…….well……some of you might be glad, but some of you might be disappointed……..We cut his hair. Yep, we finally did. He looks like a boy for sure now. Short hair. Yes, it was hard to do. But let me tell you, that kid would not let me brush that long hair anymore. He would scream and run away when he saw me coming at him with a brush. His hair was all matted down and…well, not so pretty. It was time. (I’ll post pics as soon as I can. He does look really cute with the short hair!)

Avery has been asking me to take her to see the new Hannah Montana movie, so tomorrow morning we are going. Rich will watch all the kids for me and just me and Avery will venture out together and catch a show. How fun! I’m excited to spend the morning with my 8 year old!

(okay, did I miss anyone? I think that was a quick update on all nine of them…)

Rich was awarded Employee of the Year for the Pasadena Fire Department! Woo-Hoo, he sure deserves that award, let me tell you!! I am so proud of him!

That’s about it for now. I need to download pictures. I promise some updated photos are coming soon!


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    I am in total agreement with you – that’s a commandment that God should have to keep! I read today of another loss – Kayleigh Ann Freeman – a micro-preemie who fought for 11 months. In her last surgery, something went wrong and her brain was starved of oxygen for too long – she was brain dead following the surgery. She has survived a couple of weeks post that, but she left to go to heaven last night.

    My heart breaks wide open for everyone who has to say goodbye to their children.

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    sorry you are down. i like that agreement, now if only God could answer every single one of our prayers :)

    great update! you continue to amaze me!

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    Trina ~ love hearing about all the updates on the kids and Rich…and yes, get to posting those pictures, can’t wait to see Andrew with a “little boy” haircut!
    See you soon, Kristy =}

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