Laughter Therapy

One of my most favorite things to do is to laugh. If something can make me laugh, I’m a fan. I love comedies. I love funny sitcoms. Most of all I love people who can make me laugh. And my sister tops that list, big time.
Kelly is one of the funniest people that I know. Her sense of humor is something that I “get” and we can spend hours on the phone just bantering senarios back and forth, each adding onto the last, seeing how far we can push it until we are both sore in our guts from laughing too hard. She is 5 years younger than me, and I can’t remember a time or an age when she did not make me laugh.
One time when she was around 12 and I was 17, I was in my room sitting on my bed reading a book. My door was open, and she started to come into my room and I quickly said, “Get out.” very calmly but sternly, without even looking up from my book. I noticed from my peripheral vision that she was still standing in the doorway, but I refused to look up from my book to make eye contact. “Get out”, I repeated. I seriously just wanted her to go away and not bother me. But yet, she stood there. And I continued reading, refusing to let her bother me. I never looked up at her, didn’t want to give her that satisfaction that she was “bothering me”. I thought I would get her by simply ignoring her. So I just read, and she didn’t go away. It was like she just froze there. I was curious, but I did not look up. Okay, — not kidding here or exaggerating all — about 10 minutes passed and she was still there in the doorway, as still as can be, and I just HAD to look up to see what in the world she was doing there, and when I did… I burst out laughing. There she stood, with her face turned to the side, and she had somehow managed to flatten her face to look as if she were pressing her face against a window looking in at me. Her hands were posed at her face as if they were pressed up on the window as well. I could not believe that she had held that position for so long, just being patient until I looked up at her. She was a mime looking in at me through the invisible window to my bedroom. I can still see her like that, and I still laugh about it, so many years later.
Oh my gosh, how she entertains me, just by being her. I love that.
So the thing that gets me is when my sister calls me from Austin, TX at night after I’ve put the kids to bed. I love when she calls me, but I also know that the rest of the night is a wash because a normal phonecall with her is seriously no shorter than 2 hours. I feel for her because as late as it is for me…it’s two hours later for her! But yet, she always calls me at around 9pm or 10pm my time.
So she calls tonight at around 10pm, and we just got off the phone at 1am .. which is 3am her time. And she has two small boys to get up with in the morning.
Ah…poor Kel. But you should know better than to call me late like that.
And it’s not like we have anything to talk about, really. We spend most of the time talking about the past, things we did when we were little, comparing what she remembers to what I remember. We recite old cartoons. Tonight it was Tom & Jerry … is you is, or is you ain’t my bay-bay — Tom! Do you want the neighbors to think you’re crazy?!! and movies that we love: “...of course when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘you’… (the Grinch) or “Roooooney….erh!!” or “How come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up, we’ll all get up… it will be anarchy!”
(Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and Breakfast Club for those of you who don’t recognize those lines)
Just basically wasting time on the phone, is what it is.
But it’s so much fun! And necessary. We need this from time to time. We are both busy moms of little ones, with crazy schedules and little time to ourselves. We both have our husbands and our friends, but there’s just something about the connection you have to someone that has been raised with you in the same home from infancy to adulthood. It’s unique, and no one can touch it or compete or take the place of.
So yea, I’ll be a throw-away tomorrow with bags under my eyes, but — I still look forward to the next late night call I get from her, when we will do it all over again, sometimes talking and laughing about the same exact things as we did the last time.   You know what it’s like? It’s like a good rerun that you can watch over and over again because it just makes you laugh no matter how many times you watch it, and laughing feels good.
Yea. It’s like that.


  1. Anonymous says

    I concur! :)

    Next time we will have to go through our list of favorite Three’s Company moments…here is a taste:

    “Boom, boom, diddum daddam waddum CHEW! And he swam! (insert swim motion), And he swam! all over the dam!! Ahahahaha!!” (raises hand with knife in the air) “PUULLLEAAASSEEEEE!” (picture Jack with back arched backward, Janet cowering behind him) :)

    And to think I was up this morning around 730am – darn Jason, always knows when I go to bed late…It’s like that and diaper blow-outs are his only ways of “giving it to the man” – me, being the man of course.

    Kelly :)

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