Number Nine

Aria is our entertainment around here lately. Everything she does is new and fun. She is starting to walk, so whenever she gets up in a standing position, the entire room stops and 5 or 6 different voices say, “Oh! Look at the big girl….” and she smiles and looks from face to face. Then she takes her steps and when she plops down or makes it to her destination, she gets a thunder of applause from all who watched her. And she loves it. She knows she’s the baby in the family, and she loves every second of it.

Here are a few photos taken of her the other day.

The foot-on-the-table thing is a practice of hers that I know I should nip in the bud now… but it’s just so darn cute. It won’t be cute when she’s four, though.

Her favorite thing to do is take out ALL our bowls and plates from the cabinets. She does this at least 20 times I could put locks on the doors so she can’t do this and save my back from bending and picking them up all day long… but why would I take away her fun? She’s exploring. This is fun for her. And although annoying for me, it’s not a bad thing or dangerous. So this is just what our kitchen looks like most of the day. No biggie.


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