Vacation, all I ever wanted…..


Palm Springs. Our yearly get-away. I believe it was, like, 110 degrees. But you know, it was a dry heat….

On our way to the pool. Oh yes, a great shot of me. But it was Aria’s first trip down to the pool, and she didn’t know what to make of it. So cute the way she looked out the windows at the pool below. And then watching her toddle down the hallway after the others was so funny!

This photo she was like: Did you guys see this! There’s a pool down there!!


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    I can’t believe that Aria is walking so well! T took his first steps the other day…I think in a couple of weeks’ time he will be toddling around. Watch out! I love that pic of R and Aria!! So adorable snuggles!

    PS – I found my toner hidden under my bathroom sink! Score!

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