End of Summer

Labor Day.
The official end-of-summer day.
I’m a bit bummed that summer is coming to an end.
Two reasons:
1)school starts.
2) now we are back on a schedule.

I am also happy that summer is ending.
Again, two reasons:
1) school starts.
2) and now we are back on a schedule!

I find that once June comes rolling around, I am DYING for school to end. We need the academic “break” so to speak. And likewise I am always looking forward to having no schedule to keep to. Just lazy days (somewhat) of going to bed later than normal, waking up later than normal. I love that.

But then….after two months of that….I am SO ready to be back in school and on a schedule again!

I need the structure.
And they (the kids) need the structure.

So tomorrow is our first day of school.

Anthony (who is 18 now and graduated in June) is taking the semester off and looking for a job (or two!) because he needs to buy a car and have money for insurance, gas, etc. No luck yet finding one. (I personally thing he’s being a bit “picky” as to which jobs he applies for) When he gets a job, this will be a good thing. The kid needs a car to get to and from college each day next semester!

Audriana and Afton will be in high school at our local school –10th and 9th grade. They are both looking forward to it.

Then we have 1st grader A.J. who is very excited to be homeschooling at home with mom this year (last year he attended Kindergarten) and he has actually already started with me (late at night when all others were sleeping we have been doing some grammar and reading together, and he has been working on his printing. He can be quite the Late Owl — just like me — so I took advantage of that quiet time and we worked together a few nights last week. One night it was 11:10pm when we sat down together and worked on some phonics and printing practice. Crazy hours, huh? Well, sometimes with a family this large, you gotta do what you gotta do to find some one-on-one time together!)

Next we have Miss Avery Clare, who is doing 3rd grade this year. Avery chose not to attend Kindergarten, and so she has always been homeschooled. She was a late reader, so I’m very glad she has the benefit of learning at her own pace at home. (In school I am quite sure she would have been labeled somehow.) As it is, she read on her own time and now is a very good reader and LOVES reading books. She reads books at her own grade level and some of her older brother’s books as well. See? No need to worry if you have one who doens’t “get” reading right from the start. Instead of drilling her and forcing her and ultimately creating a HATE for reading in her, I just let her BE. And now, she’s an avid reader.

Alex is our 4th grader this year. He went to Kindergarten and then homeschooled ever since. He is a very good student, but can get a little distracted when he’s sitting in his seat too long. (Boys!) I’m glad he has been homeschooling because I don’t just make him SIT and do his work, but instead give him lot of outside time and breaks when he needs it. Plus, he helps Avery with her work sometimes, and that helps HIM, too, being that they are just a grade apart. It’s good for him to see how much he knows by helping someone else.

Aislynn is 4 and will be 5 at the end of November. She will do Preschool this year, for the first time. My kids do just ONE year of preschool, and that is the year before they start Kindergarten, whether they homeschool or not. I have two reason for this: 1) Preschool is expensive!! So one year of it is enough for our budget. And 2) I like my little ones home with me. We only send them 3 days a week, for just 3 hours each day. Some people might wonder WHY send them to preschool? Simply put, it’s FUN for them. It’s something that is “theirs” to be excited about, when all the others have school and outside activities (sports, Girl Scouts, etc) All my kids have gone to a Christian preschool and so far I have been very, very happy. So little Aislynn starts her “school” this week as well. She’s very excited to be a “Mighty Lamb” (what they are called at their preschool).

And finally we have Andrew and Aria, who will be at home with me of course, at age 3 and 13 months.

I’m looking forward to school — me, the teacher — because we’ve got new books, new lesson plans, new pencils, and a new school room that has been painted and decorated already, complete with a dry erase board and a U.S. Map hanging on the wall. I love it.


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    We started back earlier this week (we’re in the UK), and though the summer was lovely and we all enjoyed the break (considering the newest member of the family was born at the beginning of June), we’re glad to be back in the routine again. I completely agree with needing structure!

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