This morning our alarm clocks failed to go off.
Yes, we are blaming the clocks.
What’s that you say?
Of course we set them.  We always set them.
Nope, definitely a malfunction of the alarm clocks.
It was supposed to wake the older girls up at 6:15am, so they could get dressed, eat, and do all that they need to do before leaving the house for school at 7:15.
Instead, I woke up at 7:20 from the baby fussing.
The girls were still sleeping.  They were not happy with me when they learned it was 7:20. 
Funny how they blame me for their alarm clocks not going off.
When all else fails, blame Mom, right?
Because I don’t set my alarm since Aria sleeps with me, and I don’t like to wake her up at six in the morning.
That is why both girls have their own alarm clocks.
Which they both forgot to set last night.
So anyway, everything was a rush this morning.  I hate that.
We got to school just 5 minutes before the first bell, so that’s good.
But it just made for a very unorganized and chaotic morning.
I hope the girls manage to have a good day at school, dispite their rushed start!


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