Ebony & Ivory

Right now we have five children taking piano lessons.  Alex, Avery and A.J. each have a 1/2 hour lesson once a week with our piano teacher, Mrs. Baker.  Then Aislynn and Andrew each have a 15 minute lesson with her once a week.  I took piano lessons when I was younger, and my only regret is that I stopped taking lessons!  Yes, at age 13 – after 6 years of lessons – I QUIT!  What a mistake!  I loved playing the piano, and for the life of me I can’t remember WHY I quit.  I know that I wasn’t practicing like I should be, and I think that maybe I felt a bit guilty for wasting my mom’s hard earned money on my lessons when I knew I wasn’t giving it any priority.  So far my kids LOVE the piano and play often during the day.  Alex is especially into his music lessons.  He listens to classical music all the time and can’t wait to play some of his favorites on the piano one day.  That is his motivation right now — to play what he hears on his CD’s.
Here he is helping Andrew with his lessons:

And here he is showing Aria
how to press the keys “softly” instead of banging!
Our next little piano player:)


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