So Anthony is driving now.  Got his license on Wendesday.  I’m thrilled about this big step in his independence!  But yet….ugh!  Another thing a mother has to worry about, right?  Him being there out on the road.  My baby.  At the mercy of all the other drivers out there.  Who we all know text while driving.  Drink while driving.  Eat while driving.  Run red lights.  As they say, it’s a jungle out there!

Does it ever end?  the worrying about your child?  I think that no matter what age they are, us mothers always worry on some level about children’s safety.  My mom even says that she worries about me when we go on our road trips — that she has an uneasy feeling until she hears that we are home safe.  No one tells you this when you sign up for the job as Mother.  Or was it in the fine print and I just wasn’t paying attention?

Anyhoo… last night Anthony took Audriana to the movies.  They went to the 9:15 showing of Sherlock Holmes.  Big brother with his little sister…ages 18 and 16 years old.  As they walked out the door,  Anthony with car keys in hand, I couldn’t help but to remember back when he was 3 and she was 18 months. They shared a bedroom and she would climb into his bed all the time. He would help give her a boost up.  (He once dislocated her elbow by pulling her up onto the bed!)
I remember back when she was 4 and he was 6, soon after our car accident where she was so hurt, and he helped turn her head back and forth while we did her patterning therapy.  I remember when he was 9 and she was 7 and he defended her when a bully at school was picking on her.   And now he’s driving her to the movies.  DRIVING.


They are getting older.  So that must mean that I am, too.  Yikes!  :)


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    wow this made me cry! What a great memory, and what a great one they just made. One day you will be sharing these storis with their children :-)

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