Grandma’s House

This is my mom.  She lives an hour’s drive from us, and with our busy schedules it’s hard to visit more than twice a month.  The kids love spending time at Grandma’s house, though.  I wish we lived closer!
This… Bear. 
He’s a really cool dog. 
My mom has had him now for about 8 years.
Aria brought this doll out of the guest bedroom (where the toys are) and I couldn’t believe it — this doll is so old!  I used to play with this doll when I was a little girl whenever I visited my grandma’s house.  I hadn’t seen it in years .  This doll was actually my Aunt Sandra’s doll first (my mom’s older sister)  so that means it’s more than 60 years old.  I wonder if she was ever given a name?  I can’t remember calling her anything.  I think she looks like a Mathilda, what do you think?  Margaret? 
Aria had fun playing with Mathilda Margaret.
She had fun swinging on the bench rocker, too.
Okay, this photo trips me out because I have the same exact photo of me standing in this same place when I was Aria’s age.  This is the front yard of my grandmother’s house, which is now my mother’s house since my grandmother passed away in 2007. Since I practically grew up in this house, I have old photos of me standing in this spot throughout the years, posing for Easter photos and things like that.  Who would have thought that many years later I would be taking pictures of my own kids standing in the same exact spot?? 


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