Oh. My. Gosh.

So today Tony had to be at work at 12:15.  I had to take the kids to piano at 11:30.  Normally I give him a ride to work if there isn’t a car here that he can use, and I take him early if I have something to do or somewhere to be, but today the Excursion was here because Rich was driving my car… so Tony asked if he could take the Excursion to work, that way he wouldn’t need be dropped off at the mall an hour before his shift.  So I say OKAY….but be sure to LOCK up the house before you leave.

Be SURE to LOCK UP the house before you leave.

Yes, I said it twice.

He says OKAY to that.

Twice he said OKAY to that.

And. so….I leave at 11:15 for piano.  Me and all the kids.  Tony is left at home for 45 minutes until 12:00 –the time he needs to leave for work.

During those 45 minutes, I just had a nagging feeling that I needed to call to tell him to be sure to close the garage door.  But then I second guess myself…..naw…I think….no need to insult his intelligence.  Don’t call.  Let him feel like a responsible adult.

So.  I don’t call.

At 2:00 I come home to find the Excursion gone,  of course, and the garage door up and our house wide open.  He forgot to close the garage door.  (when am I going to learn to trust my instincts and listen to the still voice inside my head?  For as long as I can remember, that little voice has never been wrong.)

Oh.My.Gosh.  My house was OPEN for anyone to walk in through the garage door for two hours.  No cars in the driveway to make it appear as if there’s someone home.  No car in the garage to make it appear that someone is home.  Nothing.   Just a wide open garage with a whole bunch of stuff in it, and an unlocked door that leads into our house.

I think….GREAT…what am I supposed to do now?  For all I know there could be someone in the house at that moment, stealing things.  Or maybe hiding in a closet or under a bed….waiting.  Yes, these thoughts go through my mind.

So I park the car and tell the kids to STAY in the car.  I go into the backyard and get Milo, our dog.  You know, because he will protect me.  All 7 pounds of him.  (he’s a Toy Fox Terrier)  And then I go into the house and go room to room, checking under beds and in closets, in the bathroom, behind the shower curtains.  I check every inch of the house.

Nope, no one there.  Nothing missing.  It’s safe.

So I get the kids and they come in, and I call Tony on his cell and give him a really hard time about it.  He felt awful, of course.  Said he *thought* he pressed the button and *assumed* the garage closed as he drove away, but no…he didn’t watch it go down.  It won’t happen again, he assures me.  Well all I can do is be grateful that everything turned out okay and hope that he learned a lesson today and won’t repeat that mistake again.  You just hear about home invasions all the time…..so scary!


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    I still haven’t learned to lock my doors. Isn’t that terrible? I have had my purse stolen out of my car while it was parked in the garage and I was home, though. I learned that lesson! I guess I’m too trusting, or just blessed to live in a pretty low crime area. I’ve never heard of anyone’s house being broken into around here. I do need to start locking up, though. I’m so glad it turned out alright for you! I’m sure Tony will remember next time.

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    i thought i was the only one freaks out about stuff like that :) i too think that someone could be under beds, in closets, behind shower curtains etc. i am such a freak when it comes time for bed and i ask my own husband ‘did you lock the front door? did you check if the garage door was closed?’ at least two times each lol!

    right now in our neighborhood, we have people coming and stealing stuff out of garages. it’s happened to my friends who live down the street a few times already. you’d think they would remember to close the garage door but the few times they leave it open, something gets stolen. and we live in a really nice neighborhood!

    glad everything was ok and that nothing got stolen :)

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    how scary! and i have to admit, i’m really glad to know i’m not the only one who would search the house all over…under beds too! lol, but i wouldn’t have used a dog, b/c none of mine would come inside! lol

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