Read to Me

In a corner of our family room, I set up a little reading area for Aria.   This kid loves books.  It’s her most favorite “toy”.  She will dig through her toybox and pass up all the toys just to get to a book.  Every day she goes over to the reading area and selects a book.
Then she plops herself down and begins to look through it.
Everyday, she reads.
 Even on crazy-messy hair days, she reads.
Even before I get her dressed in the morning….she reads.
I love that she seems to already have a love for books.  Reading is one of my very favorite things to do.  It’s not surprising that Aria loves reading books.  When she was an small infant, I would spread a blanket out on the family room floor for her to roll around on while I did various things around the house.  It wasn’t unusual for me to enter the room again and find this:
and this…..
Aria always had an older sibling willing to plop down on the blanket next to her and show her a book.  During our homeschooling day back then, part of the kids’ daily schedule was to READ TO BABY for 15 MINUTES.  Not only did this help with their reading fluency, but it also gave Aria some entertainment, and she was learning, too!  So I guess it’s really not too surprising that my 16 month old picks books over toys.  I just hope it lasts through the high school years!  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Instead of an iPod for Christmas she will request gift cards for Barnes and Noble :)


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