Yay! New Portraits! It’s about time!

My friend Dana, who lives in Utah, is a wonderful photographer and she came out to CA for the Christmas break to visit family.  And lucky for me, she was able to squeeze us into her busy schedule to do this photo shoot!  We were long overdue for a family group portrait.  The last one we took was before Andrew and Aria were born!  So I’m so thankful we were able to get these pictures done.  Below are just a few of Dana’s favorites from the shoot.   Anyone in the Utah area who would like a wonderful photographer to photograph their family, check out her photo blog at http://www.danawillisphoto.blogspot.com/ .  Her contact info is on there as well.

The Group Shot
The Boys

Anthony, age 18
Alex, age 10
A.J., age 6
Andrew, age 3
The Girls

Audriana, age 16
Afton, age 14
Avery, age 8
Aislynn, age 5

Aria, age 17 months

Group Shot
Me and My Baby


  1. says

    These are some of the most beautiful portraits I’ve seen! I love that they seem to have captured you all as you really are. None of the poses look stilted, but they all look natural and real. Great pictures! Congrats! We haven’t had one in over 2 yrs so our baby is missing.

  2. says

    I dont know but I see room for #10 at the end of that picture from smallest to tallest. Great pictures I would still love to have you as a our featured WAHM in the magazine.

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