Snow Day

Over President’s Day Weekend we drove up to our local mountains and spent the day playing in the snow.  Avery was especially excited to go because all of last year she asked to go, and we just never were able to find a day to go.  And before we knew it, the snow had melted.  So we promised her that this year FOR SURE we would get her to the snow.  And so…we did!
Here she is sledding down the hill — look at that smile/scream on her face.  Pure enjoyment, wouldn’t you say? 
It was Aria’s first time in the snow.  She didn’t know what to make of all that cold stuff!  She mostly toddled around after me, whining  “Mommmmm….Mommmmm”  (she calls me “mom” not mama or mommy)
Aria with her biggest brother holding her :)
And taking her down the hill… which she didn’t like too much at all.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.
Audriana only went down the hill once — she didn’t like getting all cold and wet! 
And then there’s me…who went down as many times as I could.  Here I am with Andrew (see his little red cap?)  and you can’t tell from the photo, but we were going pretty darn fast.  And at the end of the hill there was this huge mound of packed snow…and it didn’t feel to good when you crashed into it.  Usually either Rich or Tony was down at the bottom to “catch” those of us who were incoming.  But sometimes…they missed. 
Aislynn had so much fun.  She couldn’t get enough of the sledding.  Next time we need to bring more sleds because we only had two sleds and a Boogie Board to go down the hill with…and with a family our size, it makes for a lot of waiting around.
Alex on the Boogie Board…which turned out to be the best thing to ride on the snow.  We would go down head first, and then push our hand out to make it spin in a 360.  SO MUCH FUN!  I think we are just going to bring a bunch of these things with us next time!
A.J. poses for the picture while sledding on the Boogie Board :)
Andrew had a complete blast that day.  This little blue saucer-sled was the only thing he would go down the hill in.  I guess he felt safe because it was more suited for his size, I don’t know…but he sure had fun on that thing!
Of course sledding wasn’t all they did – the boys took time out to make snowballs and throw them at each other’s heads.  Even though I told them not to do that because they would get wet and cold, they still did it.  Of course.  Boys!
Tony looks for his next victim…..
Making snowballs.
Sometimes I think it would be neat to live in an area where it snows.  Like Minnesota.  Or Maine.  Or New York.  Living in southern California all my life, sometimes I think I missed out on the “real” winters.  On the other hand, it’s nice knowing that I can visit the snow for a day and then just drive down the hill and be home where it’s warm again.  It only takes us about an hour and a half to get up to the snow from where we live.  I like that.  We drive an 90 minutes and we are in the snow…. 7 minutes and we are at the ocean….  2 hours and we are in the desert.  Yep, I kinda like where we live!


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    morgan has been calling me mom since she was little too, think she gets it from tanner and matthew. i kept telling her “momma, call me momma!” but she would just blink at me.

    love the snow pics, glad you guys finally made it up there. we’ve never tried a boogie board, the spinning sounds fun, we’ll try that next time!

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    I didn’t realize you were so close to get to the mountains! YES, that is definitely the best of all worlds. You can choose to be in the snow and then leave! It sucks to get pounded with snow and have to dig out your car, scrape ice off your windshield, etc. There’s always water on the floor from people coming in with snow on their shoes and it melting. Not to mention having to get all the kids dressed in heavy winter gear just to go outside. No fun at all! I’m glad I got to live in it for a while because growing up in South Texas snow was like this magical myth. The reality of it definitely isn’t as cool as the idea! I’m glad I got to experience it but definitely don’t want to live with it for the rest of my life. I also don’t want to live with the suffocating heat of South Texas so I guess I just don’t have a choice…I have to move to Cali! 😉

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    The cost of living sucks here, but I will say that we get the best of all worlds. We can drive to the snow within two hours. We can drive to the desert within two hours. And we can be at the ocean in less than 10 minutes. Convenient, for sure. But sometimes I look at the size of homes in other states, with acres of land, and I see the prices…and I think Wow, with my size family, that sure would be nice! But…you gotta love where you live. So we are staying put :)

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