TWENTY — months, that is

Twenty months old today.  Where, or where, is the time going??!!  Oh my gosh, my baby is getting so big.  My baby…..will soon be my Big Girl, in her own Big Girl bed, wearing Big Girl underwear and all that.  I’m thinking we will start potty training this summer…and guess what?  No one will be in diapers anymore once that happns.  How about that.  Do you know I’ve been changing diapers every. single. day. since Alex was born?  Since October 1999.  (I had a couple years’ break because Afton #3 and Alex #4 are 4 years apart)  So yes, my baby is getting older and I’m going to miss having a “baby” around.  What will it be like not to have a baby on my hip?  Of course, Rich is hoping for a #10…. but so far, that’s not happening. So who knows, maybe Aria will be the  “IT” that everyone keeps asking about.  I just don’t know.  It’s all good, either way.
Okay, so here are a few things about Aria:

Well, for one… she weighs just 25 pounds.  She’s a light weight compared to Andrew at her age.  But then again, he’s a tank.  Aria is very tall and lanky.  I think she’s going to be as tall as me one day (I’m 5′ 9″ on a good day)

Aria has never been to the doctor. She’s never really been sick that I can remember, so I’ve never had to take her in.  She was born at home, and my midwife gave her the well-baby check a couple days afterwards (in my bedroom!) and so Aria has never been to a doctor’s office.

Right now when we say, “Where’s Ari?”  she will come running into the room, pointing at her chest and saying, “Right here!  Right here!”

At 20 months she still nurses at night and sometimes in the day for comfort.  She calls “them” hermommy-num-nums

Right now her crib is alongside our bed, and it’s filled with clean clothes and laundry and such.  She never — never — sleeps in it.  In fact, if I even set her in it just for a second, she screams bloody-murder and is, quite frankly, very insulted that I dare put her into “the jail”.   Instead, our bed is Aria’s bed.  Or should I say her bed is our bed?  Hmmmm.   And I’m not really complaining.  I love snuggling up next to her each night. 

Aria can say her name perfectly:  “Ar-eee-ya!” 

For some reason, she HATES being put into her carseat.  I mean, she will start screaming as soon as she feels me scooping her up to put her in.  I can’t understand it.  Out of all the kids, she is the one who has the BEST carseat.  We have the Recaro carseat, and boy is it plush and comfortable.  I don’t know if she just doesn’t like rear-facing when she sees all the other kids’ carseats are forward facing… or what her deal is, but she hates being put into that thing.  Once she’s in it, though, she’s fine.  As a matter of fact, she almost always falls asleep as soon as she gets into it.  I can’t figure her out.

I can always tell when Aria falls asleep in the car…because she snores!  Loudly.  She doesn’t snore in bed.  She only snores when she’s in her carseat.

When she hears the garage door opening, she looks at me and exclaims, “Oh! Dada!” and runs through the kitchen to the garage door…so excited to see her daddy.  He will scoop her up, and she will bury her head into his neck and will wrap her arms around him and pats his back.  He will say, “How’s my Butter Butt?”  and she will lift her head, turn to look for me, and then she points to me and looks at Rich and she says, “MaMa!” (She always has to point me out for some reason, as if to say, “That’s my mom, over there.)

And of course she does and says sooooo many other things.  But I don’t want to write a book here.  So I’ll end this post now, and just sum it up by saying that Aria makes me so happy, and I’m just enjoying her so much :)


  1. Anonymous says

    Never been to a doctor? Not even for a physical to make sure everything that you can’t see is OK? My son was diagnosed with a serious medical condition at 2 years old. I brough my “healthy” (in my eyes), 2 year old to his well check and left devasted. The specialist he saw told me that we were lucky he was diagnosed early as if he wasn’t the prognosis wouldn’t have been in his favor. I don’t care if you don’t do vaccines (we pick and choose) or any of the other testing but to not have a trained eye double check all the stuff you can’t seems to be very irresponsible.

  2. says

    Sorry to hear your son has (or had) a seroius medical condition. Glad to hear you caught it in time.

    We do take the kids to the doctor for a broken bone, stitches, or an illness that just won’t go away. But regular well-baby checks we no longer do. We had enough of bringing a well baby into a germy doctor office just to be told they looked good and all seems well. Then we’d take them home, and two days later everyone in the house would be sick from some germ the “well baby” brought home from the well baby visit. I can tell if the baby is growing, eating well, happy, eyes focusing and tracking correctly, doing all the things he/she should be doing at the “right” ages and stages. If my motherly instinct ever whispers to me that something doesn’t seem right, believe me I will take the baby/child to be seen by a specialist.

    Our kids have a regular physical at the age of 4 right before entering preschool. Even though this isn’t everyone’s way of doing things, it works well for us :)

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