Happy Birthdays

We have two birthdays in the month of April.   Tony’s is on the 13th, and Avery’s is on the 14th.  They are exactly ten years apart.  I remember I went into labor with Avery on Tony’s 10th birthday.  It was while singing “Happy Birthday” to him that I felt my first labor pain.  That was right around 6pm, if I remember correctly.  I remember hoping that the baby would be born after midnight so that the two of them would always have their own special day and not have to share birthdays.  Sure enough, Avery was born 11 minutes after midnight :)

This year Tony turned 19 years old.  Last year’s birthday was a wake-up call for me because he was an “adult” at 18.  Well, that quickly wore off when I realized that 18 is simply a number, and he hadn’t changed much, lol.  This year?  Well…. nineteen is a year older than 18.  And mostly he’s still the same.  The only thing that has really changed is that this year it wasn’t me — mommy– who made his birthday cake, like all the years before.  Nope.  I was replaced.  His girl friend, Mariela, made his birthday cake this year.  I was like WHAT??!!  I’m not making your cake?  Okay, really it didn’t bug me all that much.  One less thing for me to do that day.  But nonetheless, it stands out now as a memory for me of a sure sign that my boy is growing up.  One day — not soon, mind you –he will have a wife.  And I will have to learn to share.  So might as well start practicing now.

Tony and Mariela
In all fairness, he did ask me first.  He said, “Mom…Mariela really wants to make me a birthday cake.  Do you mind?”   So cute that he asked :)  

Okay, sniff-sniff — he’s getting older.
Let’s move onto Avery’s day…..

Now, little Miss Avery turned nine years old this year.  I told her, “Hey… you know that half your childhood is over?”  and she said, “What do you mean?” and I said, “Well, you are an adult at 18, and 9 is half of 18, so you have already lived half of your childhood.” and she thought about that for a quick second, then started smiling and clapping her hands together in celebration.  (so different from Alex’s reaction!  I told him the same exact thing when he turned 9 and he started crying!  Such different personalities!)

Avery’s cake.  Okay, funny thing, but I didn’t make this one, either.  This is the one that Afton made on Avery’s birthday.  I made the one that she had this past Saturday at her birthday party.  It still counts, on her exact birthday or her birthday party — just so long as I make a cake!

She’s holding up the birthday card I made her :)
So then, these two are my April babies.  Ten years apart, but close as can be.  We still have never done the double birthday parties for them, you know how you pick one day to celebrate both.  So far we have always managed to keep them separate on their own special day.  But…one day in the future…when they are both older, perhaps have moved out of the house, or maybe in another town where we all can’t get together that often anymore, we will more than likely gather on one day and have one cake with both their names on it, and sing Happy Birthday to the both of them at the same time.  Because, you know, that’s how it gets as time goes on and family moves out of the house.  You start doubling up on the celebrations on the days you can manage to get everyone together.

The thought of that makes me appreciate these days, this stage and time in my life, where all of my children are living in my house.  What a nice feeling that is!  I cherish it.  I really do. 

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    great bday celebrations. i love how you don’t share their days. i always do for T&M but mostly because they are so close in age and it’s easier for our family to come up here on one day. but we do a little separate celebration here by ourselves on their actual day.

    i love how tony asked you, what a gentleman. i saw her in the easter picture and was gonna ask who that was :)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to all your kiddos!

    Isn’t it funny its the littlest things that happen that make us relise our kiddos are growing up.
    A day, that only 10 yrs ago seemed so far in the distance!

    My oldest of 6 is almost 16….he wants his driving/learners permit! EEEKKKK!

    Warm Blessings,

  3. says

    Happy happy birthday to your kiddos, such beautiful kids! I must admit it is hard to share them though, I have a hard time with that one too.

  4. says

    I second that feeling! I love having all my chickens in the coop! Every year I think this will be the last one, but they keep coming home and I am thrilled about it. Summers around here are insane, but I cherish every moment.

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