Christmas Present

I guess I forgot to mention this baby’s due date — December 25th!   I can’t believe I’m actually due on Christmas Day.  Well, it will be a Merry Christmas, for sure :)   But now I’ll have to be sure to get all my Christmas shopping done in October or November….and I’m such a last-minute shopper, so this will be a stretch for me.  Hmmmm….I envision a lot of online shopping this year!
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  1. says

    What a great Christmas present, truly a blessing. My birthday is on the 26th it’s neat to celebrate your birthday around the holidays.
    Sorry to hear you’ve got morning sickness, I had it with all my kids all day long. Praying you feel better.

  2. Anonymous says

    shop online in october and during other sale months…ackages delivered early, wrapped by your oldest(s) and husband. mission accomplished

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