Feeling Yucky!

The pregnancy sickness is kicking my butt.  I’m wondering if this is what everyone else feels like in their first trimester?   Did you ever go for a very long time without eating…to the point where you feel nauseated from the lack of food in your stomach? and it’s so bad that you feel light-headed and want to sit down all the time?  Well, this is how pregnancy sickness feels to me. I always feel like there is nothing in my stomach.  The ONLY thing that makes me feel better is eating.  When I am eating, I feel fine!  But as soon as I take my last bite…I can count to 60 and then there is that awful feeling again.  Ugh.  It’s the act of eating that makes me feel better, not food in my stomach. What am I supposed to do?  eat all day long?  I could do that.  But then I’d gain about 25 pounds in my first trimester!  And “nibbling” on things doesn’t help.  A cracker here and there doens’t help.  Having food in my stomach doesn’t even help.  It’s like my stomach is lying to me.  “I’m empty! I’m empty!” it’s screaming at me, although I know it’s not true.  It’s just a trick to get me to eat again.  Because I always have that nauseating empty feeling.  Ugh.

There is nothing really fun about the first trimester of pregnancy.  The way I see it, there’s no reward in it.  You don’t look pregnant, so there’s no comments like “how cute!” your belly looks or anything like that.  You don’t get the joy of feeling the baby kick or move around.  None of your clothes fit you all that great, and everything is too tight but yet you don’t “look” pregnant so you just look “fat” without explanation.  Ugh, I just really don’t enjoy the first three months of pregnancy.

The only perk for me is that I have an excuse to skip helping with the dinner dishes, and instead can go straight to the couch! I can be grouchy or snap at someone and no one takes me seriously because they know I’m just not feeling well.  And when Rich is home,  I can pretty much stay in bed all day.  Yes, he lets me sleep as much as I want…and oh, how I love that!  Yesterday, for example, I got up at 8:30…went to my book club at church, got home at 12:00, ate lunch (that he made for me) and climbed back into bed.  And I stayed there until dinner.  I came down for dinner (that he made) and went right back to bed.  Then at around 9:00pm I tucked the kids into bed, read a few pages of A Wrinkle in Time to Avery, Alex and A.J., and then I climbed right back into bed, where Rich and I watched the movie Seven Pounds — and that was pretty much my day!  Rich, on the other hand, was busy.  He took Audriana and Afton to and from school, he ran the kids around to their various sporting practices, he took Aislynn to and from preschool, and he took the kids to the pool once in the afternoon, and again after dinner! Two times to the pool?  I never do that.  (part of me thinks he did this to skip the bath time, lol…because doesn’t soaking in the jacuzzi right before bed take the place of  a bath?)  In any case,  I soooooo appreciate him during my pregnancies!  He’s always such a help.  I think part of him feels guilty that I have to go through all the pains of pregnancy for almost 10 months, while his job to making this baby is pretty much done the day of conception!  And that part is fun for him!  LOL

Ahhhh…here we go again.  And I just love it, even though I complain.  I was in the kitchen with Rich last night, and I was leaning over the kitchen island, whining about how nauseated I felt, and he just looked at me and laughed and said, “Do you know how many times I’ve heard you moan and groan about the first trimester?  I know you hate the first trimester!”  and I just rolled my eyes at him.  If he felt what I felt everytime we are expecting, I’m quite sure we would only have one child.  No way would he endure this yucky feeling all day long — more than one time!
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  1. says

    You are incredibly awesome. I just LOVe big families. My husband comes from 10. They are all the best of friends.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Love, bree

  2. Rosalie says

    I am so happy for you all! I’m one of 10 myself and I’m excited for your children! It’s lots of fun to tell people you’re one of 10! The reactions are awesome. :o) Hope you feel better soon! I’m eagerly staying tuned for more updates!

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