Mother’s Day

Okay, where have I been?
Sorry about the delays in posts — but sometimes life is just like that, you know?  Like, there’s nothing more that I would rather do than sit at the computer and play around with my blog…but sometimes life just doesn’t give me the time.  All kinds of reasons and excuses…but I won’t get into that now.
Instead, let me share with you the wonderful time that I had with Avery two weekends ago.  It was an overnight Brownie field trip at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  At first I almost didn’t go. My reason? The baby.  Aria, at 21 months old, still doesn’t sleep through the night unless I am next to her.  (Yes, I know she’s very spoiled. But it’s never a problem unless I’m not there, and I am always there, so it’s never a problem!)  Well, I decided that she’s just going to have to deal with one night away from mom.  (I did feel sorry for Rich, though!  He was up with her from 3am to 5am — the time she woke up and realized that I wasn’t there, and then she refused to be consolled and stayed awake two hours)
I will say I have no regrets, because Avery and I had the BEST time together!  It just so rarely happens — just me and her together for a weekend — and it was so special.  Here are a few photos of our fun time:
The camp was called the Roar & Snore…and we actually did hear the lions roaring at night! 
 It’s a very strange thing to be woken up by that sound just right outside your tent!  They sounded so close!
and here are the lions who made all the noise … sleeping…tired after being up all night roaring
Avery took this picture of a cheetah stretching on a log
Avery’s best friend Emily camped with us
Brownie Troop 151
checking the map to see where to go next!
And who is this?  This is Winston!  He was a fun guy to watch.  He always looked so grumpy, though.
Well, I guess I’d be pretty grumpy, too, if hundreds of people stared at me everyday!
(Our tour guide assured us that he isn’t grumpy — his face is just like that. 
Hmmmm. I guess it’s true that I’ve never seen a  gorilla smile!)
Avery used her own money to buy “Spots” the giraffe.  What is it with kids and stuffed animals? LOL
Mother’s Day came and went and would you believe I didn’t take pictures?  Afton made me a cake, the kids made me cards, Tony got me a $25 gift card, and Rich was told by me NOT to buy me anything, because I’m shopping around for a new camera and that’s going to cost a pretty penny, and so that is going to be my Mother’s Day gift and Birthday gift combined.  (I’m thinking of either the Canon 40D or 50D — thoughts, anyone? suggestions?  still doing my research.)  Anyway, the day was spent in our motorhome at the beach.  The kids rode their bikes, played ball with Rich, played in the sand (it was too cold for the water) … and me?  Well, I slept in the upper bunk of the motorhome.  And slept.  And slept.  Didn’t even go outside once. I felt yucky and tired and just didn’t have the energy to enjoy the day much.  Even though it was a joyful day.  I slept the day away.
Any guesses why?  Oh, I’m sure you all know why.
Im pregnant!
And although I’m very excited……the morning sickness, which really should be called All Day Sickness, has hit me hard.  So, I’ve been going to bed when the kids go to bed.  I’ve been sleeping during the day when Rich is home.  I have been lying around instead of cleaning and doing laundry.  And I’ve been away from the computer.  Which, of course, explains why I haven’t done a post in so long.  I’ll do my best to keep up to date with my blog, but….if I end up missing for a few days or weeks, well, now you’ll know why :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    all children are gifts and miracles but why don’t you give your existing kids a chance to have all of you? i don’t doubt that you’re a good mother, you’re very nurturing and nice so i’m sure you are…just wondering who the babies are for, your family or you? do you have babies so you can always have the love of someone who needs and completely depends on you?

  2. says

    My blog is a large family blog. Those who know me and who read this blog often shouldn’t be too surprised to find out we are expecting. This blog all about my family, which is a LARGE family. Many kiddos. One more isn’t going to rock our boat much! And none of my kids are ever going to have all of me. Who out there with more than one kid can say each child (and their husband!) has “all” of her? I’m home with my kids all day (while some mothers have to work…and isn’t that divided time? working outside of the home instead of being home all day with the kids? I bet if we do the math in hours spent with kids of large families verses kids who are in daycare due to both parents working M-F, 9 to 5….well, the hours spent with each child might be pretty even? Plus, I homeschool them, so they aren’t even in school from 8am to 3pm like most kids…so wow, there’s a lot of time with mom right there!) In any case, as you can see from my blog, my kids are happy and I manage to find special time with each of them. I only document so much on this blog. Behind the scenes are trip to the malls, running an errand together, going to the movies with my older ones, etc. I can only blog so much, lol. And yes, children are blessings, true gifts from God…and just as good health and prosperity are gifts from God, my husband and I both feel that just as we’d never say, “That’s enough good health (or money), Lord…we’ve been blessed enough” we aren’t about to turn away another child when he sends one our way, either. That’s OUR way, not everyone’s way. It has nothing to do with my needing to be needed.

  3. says

    Congrats Trina!!! So happy for you! You are such a great mother and your children are so lucky to have you and Rich raising them. Sorry you are having yucky all day sickness, hopefully that will pass soon!

    Again, congrats and can’t wait to hear your progress with this pregnancy!

  4. says

    Thanks, Marie — the sickenss is actually a blessing. Some say it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy :) So although I gripe about it, I’m actually thankful for it.

  5. says

    That’s wonderful, congratulations!
    I think it’s very bold for people to ask why you have so many children, apparently it’s what God wants for your family because He is ultimately in control. I don’t understand why some folks look at big families as a freakish sort of thing. We have 6 children and they are the main focus in our lives. I know people with 2 children that don’t spend nearly as much time with them. People have no right to judge you because of the size of your family.
    “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. ” PSALM 127:3-5

  6. says

    First off – Congratulations! A new baby – how wonderful – nothing better in the world than a brand new baby!
    I too feel that it is very bold to ask questions about someone’s family size and reproductive practices. I would never go up to someone with only 1 or 2 children and say things like ” Wow, you hardly have any kids – bet your kids are lonely” or “Wow – you must like having fancy things more than you like having children”. I’m not as nice as you are, Katrina, I would have a hard time answering that question patiently – and we have nine kids – we get asked that all the time, but never when I could type just the response I wanted. I’m always aghast that someone would mention or question our family decisions.
    Blessings, I pray that the morning sickness eases!
    JPII – The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling!

  7. says

    Congratulations Trina! What wonderful news!! You and your family must be so excited. I can’t wait to hear the name. :)

    I think you are a Saint! So patient and loving to all your kids. They are all so lucky to have you, just as you feel so lucky to have them! Don’t worry what other people think, they don’t know the half of how great you are, and really should strive to be the mother you are to your beautiful kids…ALL 10 OF THEM!

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