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Aria got a new toy in the mail the other day.  It was a birthday gift from her Auntie Kelly & Uncle Rick.  Of course, before she could play with it herself, Aislynn had to “show her” how to play with it.  After a while, Aria got pretty impatient with her.  The look on her face in the photo below says it all.
Can I just play with my new toy, already?  Sheesh!
So Rich has been promising to pour a cement pad for Aria’s new playhouse (so that we can get if off the lawn)  and today I called him out on that promise.  I won’t say he was thrilled.  He smiled and said, “Yea, I can do that.”  but inside I could just hear the groan. And I hated to do it.  But here’s the thing:  the man is very handy. I seriously don’t think there’s anything he can’t do or fix around here. We have a list 5 feet long of all the things he’s supposed to  improve or fix in our house and yard…  but does he ever get to it?  No.  And this isn’t because the man’s lazy.  Far from it!  Rich is up at 5:30 washing our cars, making breakfast, taking the kids on bike rides…he never just lays around.  He is FAR from lazy, but he is a MAJOR procrastinator.  He would much rather do the fun things than the hard things. (who doesn’t?!!)    So with this husband of mine…Good intentions?  Yes.  Results?  Ummm, not so much.  Unless I push it.  Like I did today.  I had to say, “Well…yea that sounds fun to go to the pool today…how about we do that AFTER you pour the cement pad?”  He got the hint.  He gave me the stink-eye, which I ignored completely.   People, I’m telling you, if I don’t push it, things will never get done.  I don’t like playing the nag, really I don’t.  But sometimes I just have to wear that hat.  :::: sigh ::::

The result?
The pad got poured.
We can set the playhouse on it tomorrow.

Alex shares the joy with me.

We’ve been doing puzzles lately.  Avery started it with her American Girl  puzzle.

She worked on this puzzle by herself for about 3 days, on and off.  Finally, Alex came around and thought it might be fun to help.  This is what happened with that:

See the blurred hand in motion?  Hitting and pushing followed this first slap. Seriously, it started a big-time war between the two.  There were puzzle pieces flying and everything.  I had to put the camera down and break it up.  (see? my kids aren’t angels. this proves it.)   In the end, a few tears of frustration were shed (I won’t say from who)  and so…I found Alex a puzzle of his own.  Then all was peaceful in the house again.
His puzzle had about a million pieces (okay, just 1,000…but still) and so after about 20 minutes he invited Audriana to join him.  It was a Twilight puzzle, and  Audriana couldn’t resist.  She’s a huge fan.
I’d say they worked on it for about an hour…and then quit.  It went back in the box for another day. Not everyone has the patience, afterall.
Avery, on the other hand, perservered ….and was very proud of her accomplishment!
I’m so glad I took a picture…because the very next day Aria came along when no one was watching and completely destroyed it.  Avery was crushed  (and angry at her baby sis, but more angry at me for not guarding her puzzle better)  but you know, it was bound to happen.  I mean, with a two year old in the house, we were lucky to have the puzzle out for the 3 days it took Avery to put it together.  I think I did a pretty good job guarding it.  But after a while, once it was complete, I’ll admit that I let my guard down…and that was when Aria got to it.   (The thing was right out on display in our living room!    I mean, come on….was I supposed to stay in that spot for hours everyday, guarding it?)  I told Avery that next time she can use my office to build her puzzles.  That made her feel a little bit better :)

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    Please email me. I keep trying to email you and they get sent back to me every time. I want your family to come up and swim. We get home on the 23rd and will be free to play for the rest of the summer. I would love to spend the day with you!!!

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