Face Lift

Yesterday Aislynn came home from school in such a mood! She was very cranky.  She asked me very seriously if she could use her middle name as her first name.  She wanted to be known as “Sarah” in school instead of “Aislynn”.  I asked her why, and that started the tears flowing.  She managed to choke out that no one in her class knows how to say her name correctly, and one of the girls said to her (in front of everyone)   “What is your name, anyway?  Face – lin ?  Like FACE LIFT?”  and all the kids started laughing …and then for the rest of the school day they all called her Face Lift.  Aislynn was mortified.
What the heck?!! This is Kindergarten, People.  Kindergarten!
The little brats!  I just want to run right over there and push them down in the sandbox!  I mean, really….Face Lift?  What a bunch of meannies!  Meannies, I tell ya!  And only in south Orange County would 5 year olds even think of the word FACE LIFT as a rhyming word with “Aislynn.”  Hmmmmm. 
So today when I walked Aislynn to school, I dropped her off in her line and went into the classroom to talk privately with the teacher.  She was very surprised to hear what had happened and assured me she would put a stop to it at once.  I asked her if she would please make an announcement to the class on how to correctly pronounce Aislynn’s name; that I realize it’s an unusual name and that kids might not be comfortable saying it if they can’t say it correctly.  So she promised me she would.
So we will see how today goes.  I pick her up in just another few minutes.  I hope her day went better.
Here are a few photos of her on her first day of school.

Can you tell she was a little anxious on her first day? 
This photo pretty much captures her mood that morning.
Waiting in her Kindergarten class line. 
Still very anxious and always looking back to check if I’m still there.
In the classroom now….starting to get more excited!
See that?  It says AISLYNN, my little friends. 
  Not Face Lift
See it.
Say it.
Learn it.
Get it right!
Concentrating at one of the many “stations” set up around the classroom.
She loved this station the best.  And right after her first day was over, I took her straight  to our Lakeshore Learning store (I love, love, love that store!  almost as much as The Container Store)  and I bought this math game for her. Now we have it at home, too.  (If any of you with children have never been to Lakeshore Learning….you really need to go.  They have an online store, too.  Wonderful stuff there!)
On the first day of school, the parents stayed with their kids.  Aislynn enjoyed me being there with her.  The next day?  There were a few tears when she realized I wasn’t going to be staying in the classroom with her.  She wasn’t too bad, though.  Mixed in with the anxious feelings were feelings of excitement, so really she didn’t put up too much of a fuss. 
I am proud of my little Kindergartener!  I hope she has a great year….and that soon everyone learns her name and says it correctly!

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    oh i hate that…poor thing..
    i hope her day went better after you talked with her teacher. i know kids (girls especially) can be soooo mean. we live in a small town where my girls only go to one school – with the same group of kids (40ish) in their classes the whole time..kindergarten thru 12th grade…my younger daughter has had a rough few years with the group (of girls) she’s with..it’s so sad..and so hard to let them go each day – knowing they might be facing difficult days..all we can do is pray for them…AND for the other kids, to be NICE to everyone!!!

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