Love Song

It’s hard to be together
But I promise you that I’ll be with you forever.
I can’t stop thinking about you.
It’s like you’re the one that touches my heart. 
**It’s just hard to be together.
   I’ll be with you forever…
   and that’s not gonna change anything.

This was written tonight by my seven year old son, A.J., who has a crush on a girl who was in his Kindergarten class two years ago.  (I got his permission to post this, but only under the condition that I wouldn’t mention her name!)  I didn’t even know he was writing this until he asked me how to spell the word FOREVER and I asked him why? and he showed me his song.  He says he’s writing a song for her and these are the lyrics.  It’s not finished yet, he says…but when it is, he’s going to sing it to her.

He’s going to sing it to her!
How sweet is that?!!
Yep, that’s my boy. A romantic!

** lyrics he added after I took the photo!

A.J. holding up his rough draft, complete with my revisions for spelling!

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