Even though.

Tonight after dinner, I thought we would do something fun before bedtime. 
Even though we had a very late dinner and all I wanted was for the day to end.
Even though I was dead-tired and really just wanted to get everyone into bed. 
Even though I had a major headache. 
Even though I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and really, really didn’t want another mess.
Even though I’ve been alone with the kids  going on 5 days now due to Rich’s overtimes. 
Even though when I thought he was going to be home with us today, and he drove all the way home and made it to Alex’s 8:00am soccer game — only to be called back into work an hour later.  I feel like his work said to me, “You see your husband? You want your husband? Well, here he is…. Psych! Just kidding!”
Even though.
Call me crazy, but I still thought this would be a fun thing to do, tonight…at 9:00pm.  With the kids.  At what usually is “my time”.  So I mustered up my strength and gathered what I had left of my patience…and we created yet another mess in the kitchen as we made:

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!
thanks to my friend Marie for the idea!

I will admit that they were pretty yummy!  The kids had fun making them, then they had fun eating them…and it’s 10:30pm right now, and most of them are in bed sleeping.  So my day is officially over.  I will go to bed tonight feeling like I did a good job.  It’s a good feeling.  Sometimes I go to bed and I’m kept up with all my mommy-guilt thoughts:  did I read enough to the kids today? was I patient enough today? did I yell too much? did I make things fun for them? But tonight I will not have those thoughts.  Tonight my mind will be at peace.  All because of these cupcakes.  Because I know the kids will remember that I was a FUN mom on this day…when I let them stay up past their bedtime and create a mess in the kitchen by making cupcakes, for no special occassion, but just for fun.  And not only that, but I let them EAT them, too!  
(hopefully they will remember this the next time I’m I tell them NO and it earns me the “mean mommy” title)
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  1. says

    Thanks for stopping over to my blog and for sharing your story. Your family is beautiful!! I love the picture of all of them sitting at the pool. :)
    My 6 year old and I were peeking at your blog and of course she LOVED the ice cream cone cupcakes. I think she wants to come live at your house now! Soo….I have put them on my list of to-do’s….maybe it can be our Thanksgiving tradition we start this year. :)

  2. says

    fun! you even got the colored cones too! i wanted to get the usual brown or khaki colored cones, but morgan insisted that we get colored, glad she did too because they were cute!

    i love your marshmallow idea :)

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