Knott’s “Scary” Farm

Alex wanted to take a few friends to Knott’s Scary Farm for his 11th birthday.  So this is what we did last Friday night.  The park opened at 7pm and closed at 2am.  We were there until they closed!  I didn’t think these boys could hang that long, but they surprised me!  Heck, I didn’t think I could hang that long, but I did a good job keeping up with these four. It was just me and the four boys.  Why is it that boys this age like to run from ride to ride?  I had to run along with them.  I got my workout in, let me tell you.  But I had a great time with them.  They were so much fun!  All four had never been to Knott’s Scary Farm before, and they were a bit freaked-out the entire time, which is the whole point. 
For those of you who are not familiar with Knott’s Berry Farm,  it’s an amusement park that is just about 45 minutes from where we live.  In October, they clear out the park at 5pm and then turn the park “spooky” and reopen it at 7pm as Knott’s “Scary” Farm. They have “talent” that dresses up as monsters.  They are all over the park — jumping out at you, stalking you. There are smoke machines all over so that the place looks foggy.  You never know when some monster is going to “get” you.  It’s a lot of fun! 
They also have a lot of thrill rides.  I’m a huge fan of all the big rides…which is why I go with the kids instead of Rich.  Rich can’t stand roller coasters, so he’s not fun at amusement parks!  Here we are on one of the big rides…I had to stretch my arm out to take the photo.  I’m not in the picture because there was no time to get that shot perfect since the ride was ready to take off any second.  I didn’t want to lose my camera in the loop.


They had so much fun!  They want to go back again next year :)

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