My seven year old

A.J. loves to write.  He writes all the time.  He writes notes to me during the week, and he writes stories and letters to others. He writes in his journal everyday, too, without being told to.   He also will hand me lists that he makes of all the books he wants me to order for him. (along with writing, this boy can sure read the heck out of books!  I can hardly keep up with him.)  

A.J. is really a neat kid, and I’m enjoying him so much lately.  He stays up late with me because, being home schooled, he doesn’t have to get up early the next morning, unlike the other kids.  So he and I have been having a lot of “special” time at night. In a big family like ours, this one-on-one time is priceless — to both him and me!

Today he handed me a letter that he wrote describing his friendship with the little girl nextdoor, and he gave me his permission to share it on my blog.  

A little background first:  “Kate” was born the month after A.J. was born and has always lived nextdoor to us.  She and A.J. are growing up together, and they are the best of friends.  They play together everyday.  She comes with us on our family outings, and   A.J. eats meals at her house almost every other day.  We call Kate our 10th child, she is over here so much.  We love her.  She and A.J. are little buddies.  Here is what he wrote about her today:
Me and Kate

Me and Kate are best friends in the world.  And here is what’s funny: whenever me and her think of something else to do, my family always knocks on the door to say I have to come home now.  And that is what is funny.  Me and her write in journals when I’m at  her house.  And we always play the same game over and over again.  We play school and I am the principal and we take turns, and like we get detention and have to write in journals about science.  We actually write about something else but we just pretend it’s science.  We love playing with each other because it is so fun.   And I also have a crush on her.

From A.J.

(Hmmm…the crush part worries me a bit.  But hey…right now they are only seven years old,  so I guess it’s still innocent enough!)

A.J. heading out to sea with his board.
summer 2010
I love this photo:)

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