priest vs. dentist

A.J. had his first CCD class tonight.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Catholic faith, CCD class is their religion class.  (don’t ask me what CCD stands for…isn’t it awful, that I don’t know? any Catholics out there know what it stands for? if so, tell me!)  
Anyway, tonight he came home and began telling me all that he learned in class, and that Fr. Reynold came by to bless the class. He started to tell me all that Fr. Reynold explained about the Holy water and baptism, and how when you dip your hand in the Holy water and make the sign of the cross it is supposed to remind you of your baptism.  He said all of this with such exuberance, I couldn’t help it.   I said, “You know, A.J., maybe when you grow up you should be a priest…”  (just wanted to throw that out there!)

 he said, “Naw…I want to be a dentist.”
A dentist, really?
“Yeah….why, don’t they make a lot of money?”
“Yes, they sure do. Dentists can make good money.”
“Okay, good.  Because I want to make a lot of money so that I can have a family like ours.”
“You mean with a lot of kids?”
“Yes.  I want a lot of kids.”
“But what if your wife only wants 2 or 3 kids?”
“Then I’ll find another wife.”

That made me laugh.  Find another wife! I think what he meant was he would find a woman who has his same family plans and then make her his wife….you know, as in carefully screening his future girlfriends.  I don’t think he meant he would go out and find an additional wife! 

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    Katrina,great story!Thanks for sharing it.I am Catholic also.Not sure either what that stands for.Been sitting here trying to figure it out in my head!Lol!Blessings,Marla Grace

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    LOL! My kids are all saying the same thing. They an to have 20 kids. I tell them you need to make sure you marry someone who wants the same things you want.

    A dentist indeed! Hah, he must be a real firecracker!

    Good deal on the jeans, BTW! I have been yardsaling and found three pairs that fit the older boys with no holes for $2.00 a piece! Oh yeah!

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