Home is where you hang your hat — or your fishing pole.

As I was driving the girls to school this morning, there was a brief news report on the radio about the likelihood of a  “Superstorm” hitting the state of California in the very near future, where it rains hard and relentlessly for weeks on end.  This, they predict, will cause major landslides, flooding, and even tidal waves to hit our coast, causing major destruction worse than a major earthquake.
Really?  Worse than “The Big One” that we have been warned about for years and years?  Wow. That’s some storm, all right!
And tidal waves?  I can see the landslides (those happen even in our state’s average storms) and I can see flooding (many of our California streets are designed poorly for water run-off)  but a tidal wave?  As in, a tsunami?  I just can’t see that.  But hey, I guess anything is possible.  Never say never, right?
Then I came home and saw this article on my AOL homepage.  Apparently, this “Superstorm” hits California once every 100 years. I don’t ever remember being warned about this so-called “Superstorm” and I’ve lived here all my life.  We have been hearing about and preparing for “The Big One” for years and years…but that was referring to an earthquake,  not a “Superstorm” that apparently will wash us all away and/or bury us in mud.  (actually, the radio news reporter made it sound so much more catastrophic by throwing in the word “tidal wave” — something that the AOL report didn’t mention)
Well, as Rich says,  IF such a devastation should occur, at least we will never be homeless.  If our house tumbles to the ground in “The Big One” then we at least have this to call home:

And if this “Superstorm” is the natural disaster chosen  to take out California, then we will be hanging our hats here:

Looks like we’ll either be drive’n around or float’n around.  Hey, so long as we’re safe and all together, that’s all that really matters.  (of course, being that I hate all fish and seafood, the boat senario doesn’t look too appealing!)

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    Scary! Looks like if there is a disaster I’ll be bringing my family to hang out with you guys!

    p.s. Chula Vista is only 30 minutes away from me. :)

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