How do you know…?

How do you know when:

1) it’s time to start potty training your little one, and
2) you spend way too much time on the computer


When while on the computer, your two-year-old comes up to you, pulls at your arm and says, “Mom! Get off the computer and change my poop!”

Oh my gosh, she’s too funny!

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  1. Kelsey says

    okay, i have a few questions i’ve been meaning to ask (feel free not to answer if any are too personal!)
    i just realized that tony is actually your stepson, but i it seems like he stays with you guys a lot, how does that work, does his other mother live close by? does he call you both mom? i have a father and a stepfather that i’m very close to both, and I call one dad and one papa, I just always have. I think it’s very sweet when people do something similar. my other question is about audriana’s story, i found it so inspiring! do you know if you’ll ever write the “part 2,” i’d love it if you did! you have such a beautiful family!

  2. says

    Yes, Anthony (aka Tony) is my stepson. When I met my husband, Tony was just 7 weeks old. I married my husband when Tony was 17 months old, and a little after his second birthday, he came to live with us full time. By that time, we had Audriana, too. Then Afton came shortly after that. His mother and her husband and their children (5 of them!) live an hour away. They are a wonderful family. Tony has 13 younger brothers and sisters, two moms, and two dads who all love him very much. Lucky kid :) We all have a good relationship. We are very fortunate that way. Tony calls both me and his mom “mom” and both dads “dad”.

    As far as Audriana’s story….oh, it’s such a long story! and I work on it bit by bit when I feel inspired to, and when time allows. It was a long time ago, yet I remember it so well, and I just want to tell it in detail the best that I can. Yes, I most definitely will be doing a “part 2” and “part 3” and so on, because to actually “finish” her story will take time. I just want to document everything as accurately as I can, so I don’t want to rush it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you for your compliments :)

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